New Deadpool 2 Clip Takes a Shot at Batman V Superman

Fox released a brand new Deadpool 2 clip featuring Wade Wilson making fun of DC's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. As the release of the much-anticipated sequel directed by David Leitch nears, the marketing for the film is also being ramped up. The cast of the movie has been on a multi-city global press tour for quite some time now, as the same viral campaign from the people behind the first Deadpool film is executed back in North America. While the followup movie doesn't have the same luxury of time with regard to promotional activities compared to its predecessor - given that it's sandwiched by two other tentpole films: Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War and Lucasfilm's Solo: A Star Wars Story - Reynolds, and his team are doing a great job making sure that their latest project generates buzz that would entice people to see it opening weekend.

One of the biggest draws of Deadpool is his hyper self-awareness that makes for a lot of hilarious bits in his films. This also gives him the ability to reference and more often than not, mock other comic book properties, be they from Marvel or DC. The previously released trailers have seen him take a shot at Josh Brolin's MCU character Thanos, which seemed to not bother Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, even saying that he thinks the jabs are great. But this time, Deadpool diverts his attention over to Warner Bros.' own superhero franchise, specifically Zack Snyder's controversial Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice from 2016.

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Courtesy of Good Morning America, where the cast of the sequel recently appeared on the show to promote the film, is a brand new look at Deadpool 2 featuring a scene with Wade and Vanessa. In the clip, the Merc With A Mouth is late coming home and as he rambles to explain what took him so long, he explained that he fought a "caped badass, but then I discovered his mom is named Martha too" - an obvious jab at BvS' infamous scene where Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne seemingly decided to become allies with Superman upon realizing that their mothers have the same name. Check it out below:

The clip is interestingly a different take on the scene from previously released Deadpool 2 previews. The same sequence has had Wade blabbing about rounding up the gluten in the world and launching it into space (possibly a reference to Superman IV: The Quest For Peace) before Vanessa jumps up to him to welcome him home. It makes one wonder if Reynolds and his team shot several iterations of scenes in the film and are using some of the alternate cuts for the trailers and preview clips exclusively. Nonetheless, the bit is hilarious and on-brand.

Early reactions for Deadpool 2 have been positive thus far, squashing concerns from fans after unfounded reports floated several weeks ago that it was testing poorly. At the very least, it seems like the creative people behind the movie once again cleverly used its R-rating to their advantage. Furthermore, people can also clearly expect more fourth-wall breaking from the foul-mouthed mutant, to the delight of fans. Fortunately, it won't be long until everyone sees what Reynolds did with the follow-up film, as it hits theaters later this week.

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Source: Good Morning America

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