Deadpool 2 Unsurprisingly Receives An 'A' Cinemascore

Deadpool 2 can add yet another accolade to its growing list, as the film has been graced with an 'A' Cinemascore from audiences, thus suggesting that people are loving the raunchy, hyperviolent Ryan Reynolds-starring sequel.

Deadpool 2 is following in the footsteps of the Merc with a Mouth's original 2016 film, Deadpool, which needed the aid of leaked test footage to even get made and had to operate on an extremely modest budget for a modern superhero film. Deadpool ended up making $783 million worldwide, simultaneously shattering records for an R-rated film and making the titular antihero a household name. The film was met with a largely favorable reception from critics and, perhaps more importantly, a rapturous response from audiences, who have granted it an 'A' Cinemascore. And it seems that history is repeating itself with Deadpool 2.

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According to Cinemascore, the sequel has matched the first film's 'A' score with audiences, suggesting fans are in no way tired of the foul-mouthed mutant and his expanding corner of the X-Men film universe; Deadpool 2's critical reception has actually been stronger than the first. That's all good news for the film's producers, as Deadpool 2 sets the stage for an upcoming X-Force film in some surprising ways, and it even delves into the convoluted canon of the X-Men movies in its instantly legendary mid-credits scene.

Deadpool 2 has upped the ante considerably for what an R-rated movie can be. The first Deadpool was a lightning bolt, largely coming out of nowhere to become a shock hit. Deadpool 2 not only managed to maintain the quality of the first film, but it also both lampooned the shared universe craze and pretty brilliantly established itself as an important building block in its own expanding universe. It's also not hard to see why audiences loved it so much, as it took no prisoners in its own genre, taking shots at the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, and Ryan Reynolds' ill-fated turn as Green Lantern. (Warner Bros. even got in on the fun with that last one).

Ironically, Deadpool 2's success and the corresponding expansion of his world means it might be awhile before Deadpool 3 comes along. Fans will probably be okay with that, as Wade Wilson seems poised to be the Tony Stark analog of a much weirder, much more homicidal superhero team with X-Force for the foreseeable future. As long as Deadpool is front and center, X-Force will probably get a similarly enthusiastic reaction from audiences.

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Source: Cinemascore

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