Is Deadpool 2 In Any Way Suitable For Children?

Deadpool 2 sees Ryan Reynolds back for another R-rated outing, and just like last time, parents are wondering if it's suitable for children. The first hugely successful Deadpool movie from Fox delivered the ultimate anti-hero in a hilarious, very violent, very vulgar, very R-rated story. Deadpool 2 has also been handed the same classification by the MPAA for strong violence and language throughout, sexual references and brief drug material.

But with such a popular and humorous marketing campaign, and with Marvel characters enjoying huge popularity among kids, its only natural they'll be wanting to see Deadpool 2 as well. But is it OK to take them?

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First, let's make one thing clear: Deadpool 2 (and its predecessor) is in no way suitable for small children. That's absolute. Where it gets a little more complex is when kids hit the age where they might be hearing or using plenty of curse words (out of earshot of their parents) and watching things on TV that aren't technically suitable for children in their age range.

The official BBFC guide for Deadpool 2 has rated it 15 for "strong bloody violence, sex references, and very strong language." To expand upon each of those in turn; the strong bloody violence is very cartoonish, and silly, and a lot of the characters in Deadpool 2, including its hero, are pretty much indestructible. However, the violence comes thick and fast; it's relentless, and unlike Star Wars, or Avengers movies, there's a lot of blood.

The first Deadpool was well-known for its very steamy and intense sex montage. There's not anything like that in Deadpool 2, but there are many references and (slightly less explicit) sex scenes. A word to the wise (slight spoiler alert); there is one very quick shot of a character's cartoonishly tiny genitals in a Basic Instinct type of moment.

Finally, onto the strong language. This will bother some parents more than most; chances are if your kids are already using a lot of these words with their friends, but there is one very harsh use of the C-word in an aggressive, conversational context. Teenagers will certainly be aware of the word, but it's still a very offensive word for many, and one which some won't be comfortable with.


The suggestion from the film classifiers is that anybody under the age 15 doesn't watch Deadpool 2, but you know your own kids. The film is adult but has a somewhat playful, juvenile tone that makes it accessible and delineated for teenagers.

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