Deadpool 2 Cast Reveals If Their Characters Would Survive Thanos' Snap

The cast of Deadpool 2 offered their thoughts on who among them might have survived Thanos' snap.  The infamous gesture came in the climactic moments of Avengers: Infinity War, which saw the Mad Titan succeed in his ambition to wipe out half of all life from the universe. It was an event that left audiences devastated and excited for Avengers 4 in equal measure.

The shocking events were recently revisited in the mid-credits scene for Ant-Man and the Wasp. The ripples weren't simply confined to within the MCU, however. Ever since the latest team-up adventure hit theaters, people have been questioning who would and would not suffer the same fate as the likes of Spider-Man and Groot. Spider-Man: Homecoming star, Laura Harrier, believes her character would have survived. Reddit recently conducted a balancing of their own. And not even the cast of Sesame Street was spared from judgment.

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Speaking to Huffington Post, Ryan Reynolds and his co-stars were the latest to join in the fun. Stefan Kapičić, who plays Colossus, was quick to answer: "Colossus definitely survived." It was a notion Reynolds was just as quick to shoot down. “What? Please, you were the first to die,” he replied. “Dishonorably, I might add.” While Dopinder actor Karan Soni remains hopeful, due to his bonding with Josh Brolin, the only one everybody could agree would survive would be Zazie Beetz's Domino. "I could [survive]," she offered. "If anybody could, it would be you," Reynolds concurred, before offering the idea of a Thanos/West Side Story crossover fans will no doubt want to see.

Although Reynolds isn't optimistic regarding Wade Wilson's hypothetical fate, it's sure to provoke particularly fervent debate amongst fans. Deadpool, after all, has a healing factor that rivals that of Wolverine. As well as that, in the comics, Deadpool was cursed with immortality by Thanos himself. Though that element of his backstory is missing from the films, in Deadpool 2 alone the character survived a massive explosion and recovered from being ripped in half by Juggernaut. The latter of which even produced one of the sequel's funniest sequences as Deadpool regrew the lower half of his body. Though neither of those injuries compares to what a full Infinity Gauntlet-wielding Thanos could inflict, it could be argued that Deadpool may have been able to reconstitute himself eventually, even from ashes.

With the merger between Fox and Disney closer than ever to fruition, plans are already reportedly underway for such characters as the Fantastic Four and X-Men. However, it's doubtful they will officially join the MCU before 2020. With principal shooting on Avengers 4 already complete, which will see a lot of the devastation undone in 2019, it's unlikely audiences will ever receive a definitive on-screen answer. Still, it's always fun to speculate.

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Source: Huffington Post

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