Deadpool 2's Instagram Celebrates Ryan Reynolds for Canada Day

Deadpool 2 celebrated Canada Day by posting an image of Ryan Reynolds. In typical fashion for the franchise, it praises the star in a somewhat touching manner.

Ryan Reynolds is a Canadian actor who has widely become known for his love of the comic-book anti-hero Deadpool. Over the past few years, his passion for the franchise has become obvious as the first film in the series was a project of his for over 11 years. Reynolds earlier portrayed Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, though was unable to do justice by the character. Since then, he’s made it his aim to bring the real character of Deadpool to life. With the first film making a box office of over $783 million and shooting up to be the highest grossing R-rated film ever, his success is unchallenged. Along with his Deadpool credits, the star is known for a various number of other roles, including that of his character Michael Bergen on Two Guys And A Girl.

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Of course, what better way to celebrate Canada Day than to post a photo commemorating the lead actor of the series? In a post dedicated to Reynolds, the official Instagram account for the Deadpool franchise praises his mere existence. The post has already racked up over 150,000 likes (as of this writing), with fans quickly also acting to share their love for the character throughout the comments.  You can check out the photo for yourself in the space below:

Canada Day comes shortly after the premiere of Deadpool 2, which was also loved by audiences all over the globe. Whilst the stakes were set rather high by the first film in the franchise, both old and new fans of the character rejoiced in seeing him return to the big screen. The film was released in May 2018 and sets out to explore Deadpool’s journey as he teams up with certain X-Men to save the life of the young mutant Firefist. With fans quickly flocking to theaters to watch the film, the sequel has already been awarded with an impressive 82% rating by the review critic Rotten Tomatoes, along with becoming one of the highest-grossing movies of the year.

Reynold’s love for Deadpool shines brightly and it appears that the feelings are mutual with the official celebration of the actor in honor of Canada Day. With the work that Reynolds has put in to bring the franchise to life and promote its immense success, he really deserves nothing less of a personal post dedication to celebrate his sheer existence. Not only has Reynolds become loved by comic book fans for his accurate portrayal of the character, he’s also worked towards changing the entire genre, as he’s brought attention to the call for more R-rated films.

As for Deadpool's future on the big screen, the future seems to be Drew Goddard's X-Force movie (rather than Deadpool 3), meaning we'll be seeing plenty of the Merc With a Mouth and his new friends very soon.

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