Did Deadpool 2 Just Share An Image Of Young Cable?

Another new look at Josh Brolin's Cable from Deadpool 2 recently hit social media. The casting of Nathaniel Summers, also known as Cable, was the hot Hollywood talent search of the last few months. And now a brand new photo has been revealed that may deepen the mystery of the character's storyline. Is this shot of Cable a look at Brolin pre-visual effects, or is it hinting at a major change in Cable's backstory?

The photo features Cable looking worse for wear and armed to the teeth, but the image might also reveal more than meets the eye. Comic fans know that Cable was spirited away to the future by his time-displaced half sister, Rachel Summers. The character's birth was carefully orchestrated by Mr Sinister, a major X-Men antagonist, who planned to use Cable as a weapon against Apocalypse. In retaliation, Apocalypse infected Cable with a techno-organic virus that gave him his famous metallic arm and an eye in the style of  The Six Million Dollar Man. The problem is that this photo (or the one from earlier) doesn't feature Cable's signature glowing eye or metallic arm.

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There are two possible explanations. 1) Deadpool 2 is still filming in Vancouver. It's likely that Cable's eye will be added during post production. However, these photos look professional and neither feature's Cable's signature arm, almost like it's intentionally cut out.  The photo from earlier today has some detailing that indicates he's infected, but doesn't have any markings that would indicate adding the eye in post production. Does the fact that he doesn't have his eye or markings that would allow digital artists to add it in post indicate this is an image of young Cable?  The saga of the Summers family gets pretty complicated in the comics. It's not unreasonable to speculate that there might be some minor revisions to Cable's backstory.

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2) This could be a flashback. It's possible that we'll see Cable's history while he tries to explain it to Deadpool and Domino. If that's the case, however, what motivates Cable's trip to the past beyond the pleasure of Deadpool's company? There's a big clue in the Teddy Bear. Cable's teddy bear has been heavily debated and many consider a Hope Summers cameo a possibility. Cable has a complicated backstory, but the one thing everyone agrees on is that his defining relationship is with Hope Summers, also known as the mutant messiah. Essentially adopted by Cable, Hope motivates Cable's actions and is so inspired by him that she takes his last name.

There's clearly a lot to speculate on regarding one of the most talked about characters joining the X-Men universe. Much like Cable himself, this photo could lead to any number of options. It's likely a pre-effects photo that managed to circulate its way onto the web with a closer look at the character's costume design.

On the other hand, this could be a major story hint to the highly anticipated sequel. It could hint at a backstory for one of Marvel's most popular characters, or a possible re-write for him altogether. Only time will tell.

Source: @universoxmen

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