Deadpool 2: Stephen Lang Campaigns For Role as Cable

Deadpool 2: Stephen Lang Campaigns For Role as Cable

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Deadpool.]

Fans can file Deadpool 2 into the boy-that-was-fast category. Based on the strength of advance buzz and word of mouth, Twentieth Century Fox announced that a sequel was in the offing before Deadpool even dropped this weekend. And, since the film version of the Merc with a Mouth seems to be coming up aces, it seems that Fox’s announcement was anything but premature.

The second major hat-tip towards the sequel is the super-secret secondary post-credit clip following Deadpool. After all the talk from the writers and director Miller, the short scene makes it quite clear that Cable will be gracing Deadpool 2 with his presence. So far no one has been cast in the role of the time-traveling mutant, but one man is clearly angling for it.

Recently, Stephen Lang (Into the Badlands) dropped some major hints as to his interest in the role. The buff actor, best known for his role as Col. Quaritch in Avatar, announced cheekily, “Let’s lay some CABLE,” while also tweeting a selfie showing himself working out in preparation for the role. This isn’t the first time Lang has made his interest in the role public. Screen Rant coaxed out his desire to play the fourth-dimension-rending X-Man at New York Comic-Con in 2010. He stated “Yes, I’m there,” when asked about the part, adding “if it’s a cool character, if it’s a theme you want to explore…sure.”

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