It's Time to Talk About Cable and Deadpool 2

After years of X-Men producers, writers, and directors namedropping Cable, Ryan Reynolds says his intro is being talked about for Deadpool 2.

Ryan Reynolds talks Cable in Deadpool 2

Update: Deadpool 2 is Cable & Deadpool

Six years ago, shortly before the release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the news that its studio was considering a spinoff for Ryan Reynolds' Wade Wilson a.k.a. Deadpool, we discussed the possibility of that side project being a Cable and Deadpool team-up film based on Reynolds' own interest in the time-travelling soldier and the relationship between the characters in Marvel Comics (they've had multiple series together).

It never came to be but Cable and Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld revealed not too long ago that in meetings with producers at Twentieth Century Fox after X-Men Origins: Wolverine debuted, they brainstormed future X-Men movie ideas and he advised them that the pair don't need to be introduced together, that Deadpool should stand on his own first.

Well, here we are six years later and the Deadpool solo movie just played in two theaters last night in New York and Los Angeles as a surprise for fans and the response was overwhelmingly positive. It's a fitting surprise for fans who attended the events on the promise of just some new footage and a fitting response given the tumultuous development process behind Deadpool which involved years of Reynolds, director Tim Miller, and writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick - despite having a hot script - waiting for the studio greenlight. And that approval only came after test footage made by these people proving Deadpool could be done right leaked online.

Deadpool - Thanksgiving promo image

We don't even have to talk about the fact that the studio fast-tracked this film, let its makers push the limits of the genre with an R rating, and has been hitting viral home runs with its Deadpool-appropriate marketing strategy. Even if Deadpool ends up not winning the critics consensus over, Fox, Miller, Reynolds, and everyone involved have succeeded in bringing one of the most unique comic book characters ever to the big screen in a way that fans not only respect, but want to see.

And that's all they need to for us to talk about what we're going to talk about next: Cable.

Fans are loving everything they're seeing from Wade Wilson on screen from the TV spots and trailers alone so if Deadpool 2 isn't already a given, Deadpool appearing in other X-Men movies absolutely is. He's too much of a bankable character with a bankable lead behind him, and that's what Fox needs with Hugh Jackman hanging up the claws after Wolverine 3 (it's also why the Channing Tatum Gambit movie is in development).

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