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Deadpool 2 is still in pre-production and remains nearly a year away from its expected release in January 2018, but the sequel is still garnering more buzz than most upcoming comic book films right now. Much of the anticipation surrounding Deadpool 2 is about the introduction of Cable, the X-Force leader who has been both an ally and adversary to Deadpool in the comics. More importantly, it’s been a major subject of discussion as to who will portray Cable in the sequel.

Several big names have been attached to the character, including Pierce Brosnan and Brad Pitt. Oscar-nominated actor Michael Shannon, who portrayed General Zod in Man of Steel, has also been rumored to be in the running to play Cable - and now, he is reportedly the favorite to land the coveted role. All of the hoopla concerning the potential actors for Cable has led to a slew of concept art, and a striking new piece of artwork imagines Shannon in the role.

Revealed via Comic Book on Thursday, a new piece of concept art shows a grayed, heavily disfigured Shannon donning Cable’s suit. The design was created by popular Australian artist “Kode,” better known to fans as BossLogic. He has previously made designs for Domino, who will be portrayed by Zazie Beetz in Deadpool 2. BossLogic has also designed Cable concept art imagining Russell Crowe and Stranger Things star David Harbour in the role.

— BossLogic (@Bosslogic) March 23, 2017

BossLogic’s Deadpool designs don’t stop there, either. He’s also imagined Brosnan in the role of Cable, as well as Hellboy star Ron Perlman, Liam Neeson, and even legendary action star Dolph Lundgren. Another piece of leaked (now pulled) concept art depicts what Pitt may look like if he portrayed Cable. Despite the litany of names attached to the role and the myriad concept art that continues to be released, the actual casting of the role is reportedly expected to be announced very soon.

Ever reliable for magnificently detailed, photo-realistic depictions of actors in their potential roles, BossLogic delivered yet another stunning piece of concept art in his deep catalog of designs for both Marvel and DC characters. His collection of Cable concept art alone is quite strong. If Shannon does end up playing Cable, it wouldn’t be shocking if he turned out to look similar to BossLogic’s concept.

Shannon certainly has his share of experience playing comic book villains and would be a good choice for an actor to be a more straightforward foil for Ryan Reynolds’ shenanigans as Deadpool. The only drawback to all this concept art is that only one actor can ultimately land the role of Cable for Deadpool 2. But no matter who is selected for the role, it won’t make BossLogic’s concept art any less impressive.

Source: Comic Book

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