Cable Cracks Up a Mirror in New Deadpool 2 Image

The latest image from Deadpool 2 shows Josh Brolin's Cable looking just as deranged as the Merc with a Mouth. While we still have to wait until next summer for the arrival of Deadpool 2, the film's many outdoor scenes have meant tons of set photos and videos. Over the summer, we got a taste of Domino in action and even saw a hint of some nods to the comics in the new film. And though Deadpool 2 has reportedly wrapped production, fans will be getting more and more looks at the film in the coming months.

While we await the proper start of marketing for the film, the stars of the movie have continued to share images from behind the scenes to get fans excited. A few weeks back, an image arrived online hinting at a younger version of the time-traveling mutant Cable. Given his nature, it wouldn't be surprising to see various takes on the anti-hero. Still, we don't know how much time travel will factor into the movie. Now, Brolin has offered another take on his character, this time showing a darker side of Cable.

Josh Brolin took to his Instagram to share a new black-and-white photo of Cable that's presumably from Deadpool 2. In it, Cable gazes at his filthy reflection in a cracked mirror, appearing to scream at it. While Wade Wilson has long been prone to detachment from reality, could Deadpool 2 feature a version of Cable that's more violently unhinged?

"Oh my God, wait until you see "Deadpool". It's SO funny!!!" #??L2 #cableinsanity #cableswole #cablepowered #cableporn

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While Brolin's caption may seem to indicate the image is supposed to be more hilarious than it appears, it could be the actor's way of mocking the comedic aspect of Deadpool 2. While we've heard many times that the film will be even funnier than the first, the dynamic between Cable and Deadpool has always featured the former as the straight man. With everything Cable has been through, his personality is far more grim than Wade's. As such, their pairing will certainly lead to comedy, but it's unlikely to originate from Cable himself.

While we've had plenty of looks at Deadpool, Cable, and Domino in the new film, there's a still a lot we don't know about next year's movie. With production finished, more official images and some plot details should arrive soon. As of yet, we still don't know which villain will feature in the film or even what the story will entail. Likely, a synopsis and even teaser should arrive before year's end, meaning we won't have to wait much longer to learn more about Deadpool 2.

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