Deadpool 2: Cable & Domino Casting Will 'Blow People's Minds'

Cable, Domino, and Deadpool from Marvel Comics

Fox's X-Men franchise has never had trouble making money, but it's had a rocky relationship with fans and critics. Their track record looks to be improving, however, as Legion is being hailed as one of TV's most audacious achievements and Logan is poised to elevate the superhero film to an art form. Though far less artsy, Deadpool took everyone by surprise last year when it not only won over die-hard fans, but new moviegoers and critics. Thanks to the film's kinetic action and absurd humor, all straight from the comics, Deadpool gave Fox a massive return on their invesment and ensured a sequel would be made.

Ever since the film's mid-credits scene, we've known that Deadpool 2 would finally bring time-traveling mutant Cable to the big screen. In the comics, he and Deadpool have a long and contentious relationship, and fans were stunned by the news and their good fortune. Though it's not yet confirmed, rumors seem to indicate that Domino will also be added to the movie. If Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld is to be believed, not only will she be joining Cable and Deadpool, but the two new mutants will be every bit as popular as the Merc with a Mouth.

As just a small part of a massive six-page interview with Splash Report, Liefeld spoke about how the new additions will help flesh out Deadpool's corner of the Marvel universe and how fans will react when they see the characters on screen:

"The fact that they’re putting Cable and Domino on the film is going to expand the Deadpool universe in a way that the fans absolutely expect. They want it to go. They want those characters interacting with Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool. The casting of Cable and Domino is going to blow people’s minds."

Domino and Cable from Marvel Comics

Though we're still waiting for word on who will play Cable, signs keep pointing towards Pierce Brosnan. Though he lacks the typical build Cable is portrayed as having, it's likely Fox will have to change a lot about the character. In the comics, he's the future son of Scott Summers and Jean Grey, both still children in the X-Men film continuity. Of course, Deadpool has so far gleefully flouted that timeline, and things likely aren't going to change. Liefeld went on to reiterate how excited he is for fans to see Cable and Domion brought to life:

"Again, I cannot underscore, they share [Deadpool's] popularity. Cable and Deadpool were born of a franchise that remains the number two best selling comic of all time. I’m going to tell you why I say that with such confidence now. [...] I’m just telling you when they see him on screen alongside Deadpool and they see Domino, people’s heads are going to explode. These are gigantic characters in the Marvel catalog."

Domino is an even bigger question mark than Cable, but Liefeld seems confident she'll be joining the film. We've already heard the new movie will feature a lot of characters, so Domino seems a safe bet. Fox is also heading towards an X-Force film, so her addition to the ranks of Deadpool and Cable seems even more likely. In the simplest terms, Domino has the ability to induce good luck, meaning anything she attempts is likely to succeed. She uses these skills to make herself a dead-shot and mercenary, a role Deadpool often holds in the comics. Hopefully, as the film gets closer, we'll learn a lot more about all involved.

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Deadpool 2 is scheduled to arrive in January of 2018.

Source: Splash Report

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