Deadpool 2, like its predecessor, could have a softer edge to contrast the bloody violence. After all, much of the first film’s emotional core derived from Wade and Vanessa’s genuinely touching relationship, as well as his camaraderie with companions like Blind Al and Weasel. Cable’s defense of Hope might act as a dramatic element, merging the Lone Wolf & Cub element of Messiah Complex with the potty humor and meta-realism of anything Deadpool related. Played seriously amidst the cornball carnage, Hope’s story could add real gravitas and kick off an aptly rocky relationship between Nathan and Wade.

Were the Merc with a Mouth charged with finding or even assassinating Hope, not knowing she’s just a child, much less the mutant messiah, that would put him in direct conflict with Cable. In the comic, anti-mutant Purifiers, led by William Stryker and cybernetic villain Bastion, as well as temporal jumper Bishop, scramble to murder the first new mutant. In doing so, one of them could employ Deadpool in their efforts. Tweaking the Messiah Complex story to add the regeneratin’ degenerate wouldn’t require much difficulty.

Even more intriguing, in the second chapter of Messiah War, Bishop – first and last seen in X-Men: Days of Future Past – makes a deal with Stryfe, Cable’s evil clone, to help him hunt her down. Deadpool 2 could incidentally set Brolin up to play his evil twin (and yet another big bad in the Marvel Universe). The film may also combat some of FOX’s confusing X-Men continuity.

Cable and Stryfe What Josh Brolins Cable Costume Reveals About Deadpool 2

For instance, Logan occurs roughly 13 years after Deadpool, in a possible future where Transigen has obliterated almost most of the mutants. Clones like X-23 and her kiddie cohorts are, at present, the sole hope for homo superior. However, if Hope enters the picture, she could flip the X-Men’s world on its head. Believe it or not, Deadpool 2 has the power to launch an overarching saga that connects the disparate worlds of the First Class X-Men, Logan, and Deadpool – something particularly important as FOX brings X-Force and New Mutants into the fold.

Understandably, linking costumes and toys to a major plotline coup for the series is a stretch. Still, FOX is fully aware of Cable’s significance to their cinematic universe and Wade’s second go-around is a natural introduction for the time-hopping hero. He’s always been a problem solver for the mutant squad in the comic books and has the power to help the studio’s universe builders fill in some major plot holes. Ironically, Deadpool 2 may hold the key to deeper connections within the X-Men world.

The Messiah trilogy featured a sweeping scale, somewhat convoluted plot, and inspiring (by name and design) message. Inserting a haunting spiritual allegory into Deadpool’s second round could unbalance the film. Still, as Dark Phoenix rehashes one of the X-Men’s greatest classic tales, Deadpool 2 can at least plant the seeds for an amazing modern tale told on an epic scale. Perhaps there’s Hope for mutants at FOX after all. And all it takes is one time-displaced hero and a teddy bear.

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