Exclusive: What it Took For [SPOILER] to Cameo in Deadpool 2

Exclusive: Deadpool 2 co-writer Rhett Reese opens up about how one of the most surprising appearances in the film came to be.

Warning: MINOR SPOILERS ahead for Deadpool 2


Deadpool 2 co-writer Rhett Reese spills the details on how Brad Pitt's cameo in the movie happened. Having written 2016's Deadpool, the writer has returned to write the sequel with partner Paul Wernick, as well as the movie's lead, Ryan Reynolds. Boasting a bigger cast with a slew of newcomers who will supposedly be pivotal in the franchise's future, the upcoming comic book flick teases a crazy good time at the cinema, and based on the early reviews from the critics, it appears to fulfill its promises.

One of the best things about the Deadpool budding franchise is its ability to not take itself too seriously that it can even make fun of itself. This separates it from a lot of other movies in the genre which can oftentimes be too heavy - while nothing is wrong with that, sometimes, people want to go to the movie to enjoy themselves. This also allows the creative team behind the movies to be straight-up silly like asking Hollywood hotshots such as Pitt to come in for a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo.

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Sitting down with Screen Rant while doing the press rounds for Deadpool 2, Reese opened up about what it took for Brad Pitt's really quick appearance in the film to happen. As it turns out, the decision to add Vanisher came in late in the game and A-list's sequence was the last thing the team filmed. Pitt didn't ask for much for his services but he did request a cup of coffee personally delivered by Reynolds himself - something that the Canadian actor was willing to do.

During the buildup to this film we had a lot of great marketing cameos like David Beckham and Celine Dion obviously did the song. There are great cameos in this film as well. How did those come about? And were those already in the script or were they like, all right, we got so and so let's just...?

Rhett Reese: Uh, Vanisher was a late add. It was the very last thing we shot on the Deadpool movie was Brad Pitt came to set. He agreed to play Vanisher in return for scale, which is a very, very low number, a low, low salary and a cup of coffee from Starbucks delivered to him by Ryan Reynolds. So Ryan had to hand over that coffee to Brad in order for him to do the part. He came in, he was willing to do it because his kids love Deadpool and he's a great guy. And uh, Ryan just asked him and he said yes, and next thing you know, boom, he's standing there, and we had, we had a ton of fun. It was about a half an hour shoot and he was on his way and it really adds a fun moment. You can hear people gasp.

While one may assume that getting these high-profile celebrities to be involved in Deadpool would've been a nightmare, it sounds like most of them were willing to partake in the film purely for the fun of it. Reynolds has previously talked about how they were able to rope in Celine Dion to do the sequel's now viral music video, and according to him, he basically just sent a very long letter politely requesting the legendary singer. The next thing they know, they're already doing a one-day shoot at Dion's Las Vegas stage where she performs regularly.

This also goes to show how hands-on Reynolds is with making these films. Aside from starring in the movie and personally seeking out celebrities for possible cameos, he's also spearheading the viral marketing campaign of the movie - relentlessly promoting the movie in any way possible. In hindsight, it's understandable how passionate he is with the project considering that it took him more than a decade, and a few comic book movie blunders, to be able to bring this variation of Deadpool on the big screen.

Screen Rant's complete set of junket interviews for Deadpool 2 will be released later this week so stay tuned.

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