Deadpool 2 May Have Bigger Opening Than Original Movie

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The most recent box office projections for Deadpool 2 indicate the sequel will in fact surpass the opening weekend of its predecessor. Released in 2016, the original Deadpool broke records during its box office run, earning $132.5 million in its first frame. It eventually ended up as the highest-grossing X-Men film of all-time ($363 million domestically), giving Fox a go-to franchise for years to come. Not only is Deadpool 2 just a few weeks away, the studio is gearing up for an X-Force film and have multiple stars contracted for follow-ups.

As such, the only question about Deadpool 2's commercial prospects was just how high it would go when it arrives in theaters in May. Previously, estimates had it pegged for a start that would be considerably lower than the first film, but it looks like things have changed since then and Deadpool 2 is poised to be a bigger movie - at least from a financial perspective.

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According to Deadline, industry estimates for Deadpool 2's opening weekend are as high as $150 million. What makes that figure impressive is that would be slightly below the $152.1 million Deadpool made over the four-day Presidents Day weekend a couple of years ago. It goes to show the Merc With a Mouth is as viable as ever, and there's much interest in seeing him return to the big screen.

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Fox smartly made Deadpool 2 tickets available for purchase shortly after unveiling a well-received final trailer that generated tons of hype. They're currently reaping the benefits of that decision, seeing that the sequel set preorder records for Regal Cinemas and is on pace to become Fandango's highest R-rated pre-seller ever. Considering the Deadpool films are cost-effective compared to other comic book adaptations, there's a strong chance the film turns a nice profit after just a single weekend. No budgetary figures have come out, but it stands reason to believe it will be in the range of the original, since that's more or less Deadpool's established brand now.

While Deadpool 2 is going to get off to an excellent start, it'll be interesting to see how it holds over the course of its run. During its second weekend, the sequel will go head-to-head with Solo: A Star Wars Story, which is also projected to earn $150 million in its own opening weekend. Unlike the original, Deadpool 2 will have to deal with some stiff competition, and that could have an impact on its final tally. Regardless, Fox has reason to celebrate, knowing that they're about to launch one of the summer's biggest films.

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Source: Deadline

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