Deadpool 2’s Credits Confirm Bob Ross Spoiler

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Deadpool 2's end credits confirm one fan theory that emerged after the original teaser trailer debuted last year. In typical Wade Wilson fashion, the marketing for this year's highly-anticipated sequel got off atypically with a video titled Deadpool's "Wet on Wet." The footage primarily consists of the Merc With a Mouth pulling off a well-executed Bob Ross parody as he paints a picture and discusses life's many pleasantries. Things took a rather odd turn when a giant red blob appeared in the middle of Wade's beautiful countryside picture, and a plethora of theories quickly emerged.

Some believed the mysterious figure was meant to represent Juggernaut, a character who had only appeared before in X-Men: The Last Stand. As it turns out, the giant mutant is indeed in Deadpool 2 (one of the sequel's many surprises), serving as a secondary villain for the main group to square off against. And while official advertising materials by and large kept Juggernaut's role under lock and key, a cheeky bit during the end credits basically reveals that original Bob Ross-inspired painting held the clue months ago.

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As the credits first begin to roll (prior to the button scenes starting), audiences are treated to a series of stylized cartoon drawings. One of them depicts Deadpool in front of an easel, as he admires his illustration of Juggernaut (complete with a "Nice Juggs!" pun). It's not overtly apparent, but this is most likely an homage to that initial "Wet on Wet" teaser, making it no coincidence Juggernaut is the character Wade drew. Cain Marko was in the painting.

Deadpool and Juggernaut crashing the truck

Usually, studios play things close to the chest during advertising in an effort to prevent spoilers from coming out, but Deadpool 2 took a far more free-wheeling approach. In the wake of the film's release, many have noticed how Ryan Reynolds' mocking of the #ThanosDemandsYourSilence campaign flat out told viewers Deadpool dies in the movie. The trick is presenting the information in a way that it's not so blatant. That aforementioned red blob from "Wet on Wet" was the subject to several hypotheses (including Mr. Sinister), and it very easily could have been written off as Deadpool making a "happy little accident" while under the influence of cocaine. Because of its comedic sensibilities and meta nature, the Deadpool franchise is really the only tentpole property that could get away with something like this.

It'll be interesting to see if these creative marketing tactics continue when it comes time to raise awareness for X-Force. At the outset, there's no reason why they shouldn't. Deadpool is obviously a part of that team, and the expectation is for it to be an R-rated spectacle like the first Deadpool movies. In many respects, X-Force is taking the place of a proper Deadpool 3, acting as the next chapter of this story of Wade and his family. This means when the first trailer for the team-up comes out, fans should be on the lookout for plot spoilers.

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