Deadpool 2 Cast May Include IT Actor Bill Skarsgård

A new rumor suggests Pennywise actor Bill Skarsgård may be one of the mystery mutants in Deadpool 2. With the release of the first Deadpool 2 trailer, we finally got to see all of the new and returning characters in action. But between all the lewd jokes, Justice League jabs, and Easter eggs, we also got a taste of Deadpool's new team. The biggest surprise was the appearance of Terry Crews alongside Domino and Deadpool, but fans have been trying to figure out who the other mutants were behind them.

We have our own ideas on Deadpool 2's new team, with it likely that members of the comic group Six Pack are involved. They have a connection to Cable and Domino herself was a member, so it seems safe to assume the group is being used to set up a proto-X-Force ahead of that movie's eventual release. As for who's playing the parts, we may have a clue as to one of the actors.

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Omega Underground has heard that IT actor Bill Skarsgård might have a role in Deadpool 2. In fact, they believe he's the mutant behind Deadpool and Domino in the shot of the team about to vacate a helicopter. Adding to this theory is that their tweet about the subject received a like from Dopinder actor Karan Soni. It's hardly concrete, but it certainly is an intriguing possibility.

Skarsgård's profile has risen recently thanks to his work playing the new Pennywise in last year's smash-hit IT. He'll next be seen in Hulu's Stephen King series Castle Rock. But he also had a role in Atomic Blonde, the directoral debut of David Leitch. Though Leitch has been a stunt performer for years and produced both John Wick films, Atomic Blonde was his first feature film. He also directed the Deadpool short in front of Logan, and of course he's the helmer of Deadpool 2. As such, there's one more thread linking Skarsgård to Deadpool 2.

The mystery mutant certainly looks like the actor, but we only have the one shot to go on so far. Still, that was enough for the identity of the other actor in the scene to possibly be revealed. It seems safe to assume the unique costume of the mutant behind Crews points towards Shatterstar. But some recent sleuthing seems to indicate Iron Fist's Lewis Tan may play Shatterstar in Deadpool 2.

We haven't had an official cast list for the film yet, so there's still plenty of speculation to be done. But considering how big of a hit the first film was, it certainly makes sense that a number of actors would want to nab roles in Deadpool 2.

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Source: Omega Underground

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