20 Things That Make No Sense About Deadpool 2

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Avengers: Infinity War.

Deadpool 2 has lived up to the hype, exceeding most expectations with a strong emotional plot that no one expected to see, in addition to Deadpool's hilarious hijinks that make him into the hero that we all love. This Deadpool sequel not only exceeds the previous movie, but also properly prepares fans for what they should expect to see next. It is just more proof that Deadpool is the best series in the X-Men franchise.

Despite having a great and emotional arc, Deadpool 2 was not without its flaws. Many elements of the story simply didn't make any sense. Of course, the writers of Deadpool 2 managed to "fix" a lot of these issues by having Deadpool point them out and refer to them as "lazy writing." However, there were some pieces of lazy writing that not even the Merc With The Mouth caught onto.

While a few of these nonsensical issues with the Deadpool sequel were easy to look past, there were a few that took people out of the story. Had the movie not had such an emotional narrative, these issues would not have been as much of a problem. However, Deadpool 2 was a lot more serious than the last movie, and because of that, these small plot details became a lot more vital.

With that said, here are 20 Things That Make No Sense About Deadpool 2.

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20 Deadpool Regrowing His Body In A Short Amount Of Time

Deadpool's healing factor is never fully defined in the comics. However, his regrowth in the movie is a bit inconsistent, leaving audience members scratching their heads as to what Deadpool's definitive rules of regrowth are.

Early on in Deadpool 2, after Deadpool blew himself up, he managed to suddenly regrow all of his limbs in a short amount of time. One moment we see him in a bag of limbs, and the next he is laying stretched out on a couch acting like nothing happened.

While this can be explained using his healing factor in the comics, which allows him to regrow his limbs if they are placed next to each other, this rules doesn't remain consistent throughout the rest of the movie.

About an hour later, Deadpool was ripped in half, completely tearing his legs off. Had this rule of placing the limbs together actually existed in the universe of the movie, he should have been able to just reconnect his legs without having to regrow them from scratch.

While the two healing factors are understandable, it's rather confusing to see them both in the same movie.

Additionally, just seeing Deadpool come out of his self-explosion with no negative repercussions or any recovery time was certainly off-putting and confusing.

19 Why Did Colossus Let Deadpool Take The Lead On His First Mission?

Deadpool 2 First Mission X-Men

Towards the beginning of the movie, Deadpool's fresh start with the X-Men went awry on his first mission when he made Russell go berserk, and then went berserk himself. It led to both he and Russell getting arrested, creating a terrible image for the X-Men in the eyes of the press.

The problem with this was that Colossus never should have let Deadpool take the lead in the first place. As all of the characters made very clear, Deadpool was only an X-Men trainee at the time. In addition, Deadpool has had a long history of going off the rails.

The fact that Colossus allowed Deadpool to take the lead for even a moment is completely nonsensical. We've seen Colossus as an X-Men leader in the first Deadpool movie when he trained Negasonic Teenage Warhead, so we know he can be an assertive leader.

The fact that Colossus didn't assert himself at all during this moment with Deadpool is completely out of his character. Honestly, all of the conflict in Deadpool 2 could have been avoided had Colossus simply stuck to his guns. However, him being out of character seemed to move the plot along better, so that's the direction the writers went.

18 Deadpool And Russell Being Placed In The Same Cell

When Wade and the kid Russell were thrown into the mutant prison, the rules of the prison seemed a bit confusing. Things became even more confusing when Wade and Russell were inexplicably thrown into the same exact cell.

Most prisons wouldn't place people who were arrested together in the same cell, and they most certainly would not put a 14-year-old kid in the same cell as a adult man.

While the two characters having a shared cell certainly helped move the plot along smoothly, it didn't really make a lot of sense - even in a mutant prison.

It was implied that the prison they were in didn't exactly follow standard prison rules, which could explain why they put a kid in the same cell as an adult. However, that still doesn't explain how the people at the prison would be ridiculous enough to put two accomplices together.

While this part of the movie certainly kept Wade and Russell vulnerable, while still giving the two characters a chance to interact and bond, it just doesn't make a whole lot of sense. No prison would be so foolish as to put two accomplices together, especially not a prison filled with super-powered criminals.

17 Deadpool's Collar Came Off Way Too Easily

Deadpool 2 Prison

During the fight against Cable at the prison, Deadpool seemingly sacrificed his life to save Russell, hurling himself at the metal-armed "villain" to take him down. When Wade went crashing towards the ground, he broke his back, which should have been enough to end his life.

Miraculously, Deadpool's life was spared in this moment when the collar turning off his mutant abilities fell off of his neck. While this was certainly a funny moment, considering the way Wade's body was shaped upon landing, the fact that his collar came off so easily really didn't make any sense at all.

Earlier in the movie, the police officers who put the collars on Russell and Wade introduced that they were almost impossible to take off, and that it would take the power of a grenade to knock it off. This explanation was inexplicably disproven when Deadpool fell from only one story, which was somehow enough power to take off the "indestructible" collar.

If it was really that easy, how did no one manage to take the collar off at the prison? Clearly, these indestructible collars were not as strong as they had been advertised. Later in the film, Deadpool's collar has a simple one numer security code, which is even more laughable.

16 Why Didn't Cable Go Back To The Prison?

The prison fight ended with Deadpool and Cable rolling out of the prison, down a snowy mountain. While Deadpool crashed into the frozen water far below the prison, Cable managed to grab onto a rock to avoid falling any further.

However, for whatever reason, Cable did not march back up to the prison to take out Russell. The one person who tried to protect the kid was now submerged in a frozen lake, and Russell still had his power-stealing collar on, so it should have been an easy task for Cable to accomplish.

Strangely, neither Cable nor Deadpool thought to return to the prison, and instead they both vacated the area and came up with some convoluted plan to stop a prison convoy.

It honestly would have been a lot easier for Cable to march back to the prison and continue his plan, taking out Russell with one easy shot.

While this could have ruined the plot of the rest of the movie, it would also have made a lot more sense. There was no explanation as to why neither character thought to return to the prison, making this possibly into one of the biggest plot holes in Deadpool 2.

15 Why Did Cable Kidnap Weasel?

T.J. Miller as Weasel in Deadpool

Shortly before the X-Force's first mission together to intercede the prison convoy, Cable kidnapped Deadpool's friend Weasel in order to get information on their plan. While this moved the plot along and explained how Cable also knew about the convoy, the fact that he kidnapped Weasel didn't make too much sense.

As Cable revealed later in the movie, Deadpool was not alive long enough to meet Cable in the future, so it was never really explained how he knew so much about Deadpool or how he knew he could have survived his fall into the ice. Going even further than that, it made absolutely no sense that Cable even thought about kidnapping Weasel.

This moment of kidnapping came out of nowhere. Cable and Weasel had not interacted at all prior in the movie, and if Cable really did want to kidnap someone to get information about the X-Force's plan, why didn't he just kidnap someone who was actually part of the X-Force?

While Weasel's interaction with Cable was certainly humorous, it still didn't help to make it feel less out of place. There was no explanation of how Cable knew about Weasel, or anything that Deadpool and the X-Force were planning, making this entire moment absolutely confusing.

14 Shatterstar's Nonexistent Healing Factor

Deadpool 2 - Lewis Tan as Shatterstar

In the comics, the X-Force member Shatterstar had an accelerated healing factor. It was one of his many enhanced abilities that made him one of the strongest members of the team. Despite having this miraculous ability in the comics, it never came forward in the movie, not even being mentioned in his interview with Deadpool.

Like almost every other member of the X-Force, Shatterstar brutally lost his life during a parachuting accident as a result of high winds. While the loss of the other members of the X-Force actually made a bit of sense, Shatterstar's demise was a bit off-putting.

Had Shatterstar been more true to his comic-book counterpart, he should have been able to survive his landing, or at least had a chance.

Much like Deadpool and Wolverine, he should have been able to come back using his healing abilities.

But then again, he did fly into helicopter propellers that literally ripped him to shreds, so maybe his abilities did have some limits. Even if they weren't that strong, it still should have been at least mentioned - but it was left out in service of the dramatic plot twist that was the sudden, surprise extinction of the X-Force.

13 The Mechanics Of The Prison Transport

Deadpool 2 Prison Transport

During the X-Force's infiltration of the prison convoy transporting Russell, an action-packed fight ensued between Deadpool, Domino, and Cable aboard the prison transport. While this fight was certainly a lot of fun, leading to a lot of collateral damage across the entire city, there was one aspect of this fight that didn't make any sense at all.

During this scene, different buttons were pushed that inexplicably pushed a number of the prison cells out of the truck. While it would make sense for the cells to be their own removable boxes, so as to take the prisoners in and out of the truck without any issues or fights, the fact that they could easily pop out of the side of the truck was completely nonsensical.

A case could be made for the boxes being removed on the side of the truck, even if it is a stretch, but the ease that these boxes were pushed out in made no sense at all. No cell should be that easy to remove from the prison transport. Surely there was some secret pin in order to remove each of the cells safely.

This fight demanded to have boxes with people in them rolling across a ruined street, so why not add this bit of nonsense?

12 How Did Cable Survive Through All Of The Carnage?

During a good number of the fights and battles in Deadpool 2, we saw Deadpool become completely mangled at times. He broke almost every bone in his body, and was even split in half at one point. Despite all of this absolute carnage, Cable seemingly never received a scratch or a bruise.

In the comics, Cable is undoubtedly tough with a decent healing factor, making himself into one of the strongest members of the X-Force. However, this doesn't mean that he is invincible at all.

Realistically, Cable should have at least received some sort of scratch during the many fight sequences he was part of in Deadpool 2.

One particular fight he should have received some wounds from was the prison convoy scene, specifically after the release of the Juggernaut. The entire bridge the prison transport was on collapsed, leading to the truck crashing down onto the road beneath them in a moment of pure, unsolicited destruction.

This crash landing was enough to make Deadpool's neck break, yet Cable apparently walked away completely unharmed. He didn't have luck powers like Domino, so there was really no explanation for how Cable managed to pull through this fight without a single scratch.

11 Deadpool's Baby Legs Weren't Scarred In The Slightest

Deadpool Ryan Reynolds Blind Al Tiny Hand Marvel Comics

During one of the movie's most hilariously awkward moments, we saw Deadpool regrowing his legs while sitting on Blind Al's couch. This was an obvious callback to the first movie, when Deadpool hilariously had to regrow his hand.

Something about this scene that didn't make sense was that Deadpool's "baby legs" weren't scarred like the rest of his skin. Deadpool's entire body was hideously mangled from the experiments done on him in the first movie, yet somehow his regrown legs did not have the same scars.

While it could be theorized that any body parts that Deadpool regrows could come back without the scars, the beginning of the movie contradicted that, when Deadpool seemingly regrew his entire body, but still with the scars. Of course, that's only assuming that Deadpool actually regrew his entire body at the beginning of the movie rather than reconnecting them, but that's a different discussion.

Even in the first movie, when Deadpool regrew his hand, the small baby hand that he had still had scars on it. While the baby legs would probably have been a lot less funny had they been hideously scarred like the rest of his body, it would have made a lot more sense.

10 So, Are Juggernaut And Professor X Brothers Now?

Colossus Punches Juggernaut in Deadpool 2

In the comics, the villain Juggernaut was actually half-brothers with the X-Men leader Professor Xavier. This helped to connect the two characters on a more emotional level and became a huge part of Juggernaut's character in the comics.

Despite this, the relationship between Juggernaut and Professor X never made it into any of the movies before Deadpool 2. When Juggernaut was introduced in X-Men: The Last Stand, there was absolutely no connection shown between the two characters. In fact, the movie did reveal that Xavier had a brother, but it certainly was not Juggernaut. Furthermore, when Xavier's origin was shown in X-Men: First Class, there was no mention or any indication that he had a half-brother.

Upon returning in Deadpool 2, Juggernaut casually mentioned that he and Professor X were brothers as if it was common knowledge in the movie universe.

While most X-Men fans who read the comics knew this fact about the characters, most assumed it was not part of their story in the movies.

This casual joke in Deadpool 2 added yet another continuity error to the X-Men movie franchise, replacing one of the movies' biggest comic-book inaccuracies with an inexplicable plot hole, which honestly makes the entire situation a whole lot worse.

9 Deadpool Not Sustaining Memory Loss

During most of the comics, it has been well established that Deadpool's healing factor and Wolverine's healing factor were almost identical, with both of them being able to regrow from almost any injury. Despite this, Deadpool 2 either presents one way that their healing factors are not identical, or, more likely, how the healing factor is inconsistent over time.

During the third act of the movie, Deadpool had a stake go straight through his head. Despite this appearing to be very painful and damaging, Deadpool acted as though it was no big deal. The issue with this isn't how unrealistic it is as much as it is inconsistent with the previous X-Men movies.

In the wildly disappointing X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Wolverine lost all of his memory when he received a bullet through the head. Despite this, Deadpool's identical healing factor inexplicably managed to let him regrow the memory in his brain.

However, we really shouldn't be complaining too much that Deadpool 2 diverged from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. On the other hand, this issue could have been humorously solved had Deadpool at least made some mention to the memory loss moment from X-Men Origins. So not only was this a plot hole, but it was also a wasted opportunity for a great joke.

8 No Emergency Services Responded To The 15 Minute Final Battle

Deadpool Gets Arrested At Disney World

The entire final battle at Essex had one, huge unrealistic absence: the police. Realistically, if explosions, gunshots and wreckage of that caliber were to happen in real life, the police would be called and would arrive in minutes.

Despite this, no emergency services, or even the press, arrived at Essex during the final battle.

Even though this final battle was around 15 minutes of pure fighting and destruction, there was absolutely no police response.

Had this final fight occurred somewhere secluded like in the middle of a forest or in a third-world country, this lack of an emergency services response could have been easily explainable. However, the battle at Essex took place just outside of a seemingly large city, so the lack of a police response is rather nonsensical.

To add icing on the cake, it clearly wasn't too big of an issue for the police to arrive at Essex due to the fact that we already saw an enormous emergency services response at Essex earlier in the movie. Numerous police cars, ambulances and news truck showed up at the "orphanage" earlier on in response to a single kid, yet none of them showed up when an entire fight went down involving the notorious Juggernaut.

7 The inconsistent "Spare a life" message

At the end of Deadpool 2, Deadpool saved the day by convincing Russell that ending someone's life was not okay. Instead, Russell should have found a better way to stop his headmaster that didn't include ending his life.

While this was a good message that had a bit to do with Deadpool's conflict with Colossus during both movies, it didn't really fit the theme of the rest of the movie. Though Russell and Deadpool did decide to ultimately spare the headmaster, it occurred after Deadpool, Domino and Cable ripped through everyone else who worked at Essex.

The regular Essex workers weren't big characters like the headmaster, and thus it wouldn't really be a big deal to audiences if they bit the dust in the movie. Regardless, it completely negated the theme of the end of the movie.

Going even further, this theme wasn't prevalent throughout any other part of the movie either. The entire fight in the prison transport was rather hypocritical. Deadpool went through that entire fight to save "the kid," but the fight most likely ended the lives of numerous other kids as the prison truck barreled through lines of cars, crushing almost every single one of them.

6 Deadpool's Suit Suddenly Turning Gray

Deadpool 2 Gray Suit

At the end of the final fight of Deadpool 2, Deadpool rolled through a bunch of ash and dirt that somehow turned his entire suit gray. It helped to desaturate the color scheme of one of the movie's most tragic moments, but it didn't really make a lot of sense.

This gray suit was an obvious reference to his suit in the comics. Deadpool's X-Force uniform was just his regular Deadpool suit, but with a gray color scheme rather than red. It has become one of his most memorable alternate costumes in the comics, thus making it a fitting inclusion in the movie.

Despite being a fitting inclusion, how it came to be really didn't make any sense. While it's understandable for Deadpool's red suit to pick up a bit of dirt and soot, it didn't make sense for his suit to be completely covered in it, but only in the spots of his suit that were originally red.

Close-up shots of Deadpool in his "gray" suit actually showed that it was more than just dirt and soot that changed his costume's color.

The leather that his suit was made of had actually turned gray, proving that it was an entirely different costume entirely. While the color scheme of his outfit certainly helped to set the tone, it made no sense how it was introduced.

5 Why Did Deadpool Put The Collar On At The End?

At the end of the final fight, in order to prove a point to Russell and to sacrifice his life to save Russell's soul, Deadpool put on one of the power-dampening collars from earlier on in the movie. The thing was, this sacrificial move by Deadpool didn't make a whole lot of sense.

Deadpool's self-sacrifice came out of nowhere, and instead of feeling like some great moment of heroism, it felt more like an example of lazy writing to end his character's life. While Deadpool jumping in front of the bullet made perfect sense, putting on the collar in the first place didn't.

It may have led to a beautifully tragic moment for Deadpool, but the initial idea to put on the collar felt completely forced. There should have been a number of other ways for Deadpool to convince Russell to not end his headmaster's life other than putting on the collar and telling Russell to end his life instead.

Instead, Deadpool could have solved things a lot easier by taking the headmaster's life himself, thus not leaving it on Russell's conscience. While this would not have led to as emotional of a scene, it would have made a lot more sense than what we got. Hey, at least Deadpool didn't reason with Russell by saying his mother's name was "Martha."

4 Colossus Abandoning The X-Men Without Even A Goodbye

Deadpool 2 Colossus

What exactly Colossus decided to do at the ending of Deadpool 2 is a little up in the air. While it would have been safe to assume he was going to return to the X-Men, his final moments on screen actually implied that he was now a member of Deadpool's X-Force.

Rather than leaving with Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Yukio, he decided to stay with the X-Force group as Deadpool gave his monologue about his new team family. While it's not confirmed, this ending implies that Colossus has decided to permanently leave the X-Men to join the X-Force, like he briefly did in the comics.

What doesn't make sense about this is that he left the X-Men without even saying goodbye. Negasonic Teenage Warhead was his X-Men trainee for quite some time, but when she left, Colossus acted like it was no big deal.

Even Deadpool gave both X-Men members a personal goodbye, but Colossus, who was seemingly leaving the X-Men forever, couldn't give them as much as a wave?

Even if Colossus wasn't joining the X-Force and was just letting Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Yukio leave on their own, his response to their departure was still completely out of character.

3 Negasonic Teenage Warhead Fixes The Time Travel Device

The hilarious post-credits scenes of Deadpool 2 started with Negasonic Teenage Warhead fixing Cable's time travel devices for Deadpool. While this led to absolute hilarity, how it actually came to be is rather confusing.

First of all, there was no indication in either movie that technical or scientific knowledge were any part of Negasonic Teenage Warhead's skills. Even in the comics, Negasonic didn't do much experimentation with technology, so there's no telling where this newfound ability came from.

Secondly, even if Negasonic was good with experimenting on technology, the fact that she managed to fix a highly advanced, high-tech time machine from the future is rather nonsensical. As Cable revealed earlier, his time travel device could only work twice, which meant that even the scientists from the future didn't know how to make it work with seemingly no limits.

Thirdly, even if Negasonic did realistically know how to work with advanced technology from the future, it would have made no sense for her to give it to Deadpool. While she thought Deadpool was a fun guy, she also knew from Colossus that he was not to be trusted, so giving him something that could pretty much let him do whatever he wanted feels completely unnatural for her.

2 How Were There No Consequences To Saving Vanessa?

Deadpool 2 Vanessa

As every time travel movie has clearly established, there are always consequences to altering the past. One moment at the ending of Deadpool 2 that is sure to have seriously negative repercussions that are never shown is Wade's trip back in time to save Vanessa.

The loss of Vanessa seemingly kick-started Wade's entire arc throughout the rest of the movie, motivating every one of his decisions. Had Vanessa not bit the dust, the events of Deadpool 2 would have most likely gone a completely different direction.

Additionally, bringing back Vanessa kind of feels like a slap in the face for everyone who watched the movie. Deadpool's entire arc was based on losing Vanessa, and in the end, he finally learned to live without her. However, all of that development went to waste when he easily saved her life by travelling back in time.

The only logical reason for the filmmakers including this moment is just to stop another, larger plot hole. If Deadpool went back to save Peter and take out Ryan Reynolds, then he was pretty much obligated to also save his girlfriend. The filmmakers seemingly chose the lesser of two plot holes, but it still feels a bit off when you think more in depth on it.

1 Those Opening Titles Were Way Too Late

Deadpool 2 Raining Bullets

This one is a bit nitpicky, and certainly not a plot hole, but more of an issue with how the movie itself was pieced together. Typically, if a movie were to have an opening title, it would occur somewhere within the first 10 minutes. Movies like The Avengers have been exceptions to this, but still included the opening title right immediately after the movie's first scene.

Deadpool 2 broke this rule, with the opening credits showing up around 15 minutes into the movie. This would have been fine had the title simply been after the opening scene, but it wasn't. By the time the titles graced the screen, numerous scenes had already passed, including an entire montage.

The story was already moving, making the opening titles feel more like a "Silly Songs With Larry" sequence from Veggie Tales than a legitimate title sequence.

Of course, the opening titles we saw in the movie were a lot like the ones from the first Deadpool, with no actual names or titles showing up. It was a truly hilarious sequence, parodying the overstretched opening titles from the James Bond franchise. The titles themselves were great, but their placement in the movie still felt absolutely out of place.


What else didn't make sense in Deadpool 2? Let us know in the comments!

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