Deadpool 2's Best Jokes and One-Liners

The Cure For Blindness Does Exist!

Remember in Deadpool, when Wade tells Blind Al that he's hidden his cocaine under the floorboards, right next to the cure for blindness? That was a great joke in the first movie, but it becomes even better in Deadpool 2 when they revisit it. Wade is suited up, about to go on a mission when he decides he could do with a little lift. He pulls up a floorboard to reveal a big stash of coke, right next to yep, you guessed it, a parcel labeled "the cure for blindness." Blind Al hasn't discovered it yet.

X-Force Is One Big Joke

Deadpool 2 X-Force team

The assembling of Deadpool's own X-Force is hilarious from start to its unfortunate finish. Made up of a cast of familiar faces, Zeitgeist, Bedlam, Shatterstar, The Vanisher, Peter and Domino are all eager to join the team, but one by one they meet an untimely and grisly demise on their first mission. Thanks in part to the high winds that Deadpool dismisses, Zeitgeist ends up being turned into mulch, but not before vomiting his acid onto Peter. Bedlam crashes into a bus, Shatterstar shatters into a helicopter, and the Vanisher (played by none other than Brad Pitt), electrocutes himself. Only Domino survives completely unscathed, thanks to her super-luck.

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Deadpool 2 Pokes Fun At Loads Of Movies

Deadpool with Elsa from Frozen and Tom Cruise in Inteview with a Vampire

One of the best long-running jokes in the Deadpool franchise is his cultural awareness. Never afraid to break the fourth wall, Deadpool also frequently references popular movies both old and new. In Deadpool 2, he has the startling revelation that the Frozen song "Do You Want to Build a Snowman"  is actually just a rip-off of "Papa Can You Hear Me?" from Yentl. Then there's the recurring reference to Interview With the Vampire, when Dopinder likens his and Wade's relationship to the one shared by Tom Cruise and Kirsten Dunst's characters - specifically when he feeds her blood  and she discovers a taste for it. But the movie references don't stop there.

The Basic Instinct Moment

Deadpool 2 - Basic Instinct

Deadpool can grow back limbs at will, so if he loses one it doesn't really matter too much. However, in Deadpool 2, he loses the entire bottom half of his body, and has to wait for it to grow back. This results in his lower half looking like a toddler for a while... which wouldn't be so bad, except that he's sitting on the couch with Blind Al, naked from the waist down, when Cable, Weasel, Dopinder, and Domino walk in. Entirely unabashed, Wade crosses and uncrosses his legs, briefly displaying his baby genitals and horrifying everyone in the room. "What is that?" Cable asks, to which Weasel replies "It's his basic instinct."

Josh Brolin Is Ribbed For His Goonies Role

In the apartment scene mentioned above, Wade is wearing a shirt exactly the same as the one worn by Chunk in The Goonies, which Cable actor Josh Brolin starred in way back in 1985. Later, when Deadpool tells Brolin's Cable to "Cool it, One-Eyed Willie" - One-Eyed Willie, of course, being the pirate whose treasure the Goonies hunt for in the movie.

Marvel Is The Butt Of All Jokes Forever

Jeremy Renner Hawkeye

All superhero franchises are fair game in Deadpool 2, but none more so than the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There are many jokes about the MCU in Deadpool 2, including when Deadpool calls Domino "Black Black Widow," and Dopinder "Brown Panther" after he makes his first kill. He also refers to Cable as Thanos, and attempts to calm Juggernaut by telling him the "sun's getting real low, big guy" (Black Widow's 'lullaby' for the Hulk). He compared Cable to The Winter Soldier because of his arm, and asks whether the robotic arm trope has finally been worn out in the future that Cable comes from. Best of all, though, is when Wade and Russell are taken into the Ice Box and their collars deactivate their mutant powers. Lying on his bunk, Wade says "My superpower is just unbridled cancer. Give me a bow and arrow and I'm basically Hawkeye."


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