Deadpool 2's Best Jokes and One-Liners

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Deadpool 2


Surprising no one, Deadpool 2 is packed with a non-stop barrage of hilarious jokes, one-liners and sight gags. In 2016, Deadpool arrived on the big screen, a non-stop whirlwind of R-rated comedy that had its audiences eagerly awaiting the sequel. Now Deadpool 2 has arrived and it's packed full of even more jokes, if that were humanly possible.

From subtle gags that only some factions of the audience would have understood to the many, many, many Marvel digs, Deadpool 2 is relentless in its humor, and no movie franchise is safe. Here are our picks for the best jokes and one-liners.

The Opening Credits

Right off the bat, Deadpool 2 goes in for the kill. You may recall that in Deadpool credits, the writers were referred to as "the real heroes." In Deadpool 2, they're listed as "the real villains," in reference to the rather shocking opening featuring the death of a much-loved character. Director David Leitch comes under fire too, as one of the guys responsible for killing John Wick's dog. Deadpool is "obviously someone who doesn't like sharing the spotlight." Oh, and apparently Blind Al was in charge of the movie's cinematography.

Rob Liefeld Takes a Few Hits

Rob Liefeld Draws Deadpool

Staying behind the scenes for a moment, there's also an excellent gag aimed at Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld. When Deadpool is ranting about Domino's superpower being luck, he ends his tirade by insisting that her power must have been created by "someone who can't draw feet." This is a common criticism of Liefeld's eccentric drawing style, and one which will certainly make fans laugh if they catch the reference. The gag didn't stop there, though. Deadpool also calls out Liefeld for his pouch fetish (he drew a lot of pouches, thinking it was cool).

Hugh Jackman Is The Butt Of So Many Jokes

If we listed all of the Hugh Jackman/ Wolverine gags, we'd be here forever, so we're grouping them all in one entry. Digs at Wolverine include an amazing post-credits scene where present-day Deadpool travels back in time to X-Men Origins: Wolverine, to stop it from happening, and a musical toy that Wade owns, which features a dead Wolverine spinning around.. However, our favorite dig at Jackman is so subtle that a lot of people will have missed it altogether. A keen musical theater actor, Jackman played Jean Valjean in the 2012 cinematic adaptation of Les Miserables. Valjean's prison number is 24601, and in Deadpool 2, when Deadpool is outlining (in crayon) his plan to rescue Russell, the kid is given the prisoner number 24601. Musical theater geeks unite and enjoy this brilliantly subtle gag.

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Why Deadpool Never Sees the Other X-Men

Nicholas Hoult as Beast in X-Men

A more visual gag in Deadpool 2 comes in the form of a cameo from practically all of the X-Men. When visiting X-Mansion, Wade rightly points out (again) that in all his visits he's never seen any of the X-Men. As he delivers his lines, he unwittingly has his back turned to a room full of X-Men, before a disgruntled Cyclops closes the door. Alright, it's not a one-liner, but it is a great visual gag that has already become a favorite moment for many viewers.

Wade Wilson Loves Taylor Swift

In real life, Ryan Reynolds' wife, Blake Lively, is good friends with pop star Taylor Swift, who is well-known for loving all things cat-related. She also has two cats of her own, Olivia and Meredith. When wheeling about in Professor X's wheelchair at X-Mansion, Wade Wilson is wearing a kitten t-shirt, with "Olivia and Meredith BFF's Furrever" on it.

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