19Josh Brolin's head cast

Josh Brolin head cast

On April 18, 2017, Josh Brolin posted this picture to his Instagram account with the caption "You know, just meditating."

It's a bizarre photo, for sure. Many of you probably realize what's happening here. If you don't, the actor is getting a mold made of his head

for use in Deadpool 2.

The process is common whenever a character's head is going to be severed or destroyed during the course of a movie, or if it is supposed to appear that they have been injured at some point. Prosthetic pieces specifically designed to fit the actor are made from these molds.

A special kind of plaster is applied to the person's face, allowed to harden over the course of several minutes, and then removed in one piece. Ask anyone who's been through it and they'll likely tell you the same thing. It's an incredibly claustrophobic procedure because you can't move, lest you ruin the cast.

Since the plaster covers your ears, it's virtually impossible to hear anything. Worst of all, you can only breathe through your nostrils because your mouth is covered, too.

There are stories of actors having panic attacks while getting this done for the reasons just mentioned, although we have to say that Brolin looks quite calm and comfortable in this picture.

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