Deadpool 2 Used Hawkeye Better Than Avengers: Infinity War

Mild SPOILERS for Deadpool 2 and Avengers: Infinity War ahead.

Deadpool 2 uses Marvel Comics superhero Hawkeye better in a hilarious one-liner than Marvel Studios does in the whole of Avengers: Infinity War. As the marketing for Avengers: Infinity War began to ramp up, fans noticed the absence of one of the original Avengers: Hawkeye. Though he appeared on the Infinity War SDCC poster, he was nowhere to be found in the trailers or further one-sheets released for the film. Once the movie hit theaters, fans learned why that was - Hawkeye wasn't in Avengers: Infinity War. His absence is explained away in a line of dialogue that also serves to clarify Ant-Man's offscreen whereabouts as well.

Fans of the archer may have been disappointed that he sat out Infinity War, but Hawkeye isn't completely missing from Marvel superhero movies this year - well, sort of. Twentieth Century Fox's latest X-Men universe release hit theaters this week, and the Merc with a Mouth is known for poking fun at everyone and everything. As such, Deadpool gets some jokes in about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and one such joke involves the Avengers' archer.

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At one point in Deadpool 2, Wade Wilson cracks a joke about Clint Barton, particularly referencing the typical criticism that Hawkeye's abilities pale in comparison to his fellow Avengers. Deadpool says, "Give me a bow and arrow and I’m basically Hawkeye." The joke arrives when Wade is feeling particularly useless, and it's no doubt a dig at the perceived uselessness of Hawkeye. Plus, given Hawkeye's lack of a role in Infinity War, the joke feels even more topical.

There's no way Deadpool 2 could have known Hawkeye wouldn't appear in Avengers: Infinity War. But, because Clint Barton was on house arrest while his fellow superheroes faced off against Thanos, many would agree Infinity War didn't use Hawkeye effectively. Though Deadpool 2 only used the archer as the butt of a joke, it was undoubtedly more memorable than Hawkeye's absence in Infinity War. As such, it's arguable that Deadpool 2 used Hawkeye better than Avengers: Infinity War.

With that said, Hawkeye will return in Avengers 4, and based on set photos of him in a new costume, he will have a much more significant arc. Certainly, considering the ending of Avengers: Infinity War, Earth's Mightiest Heroes will need all the help they can get - and that will no doubt mean calling in reinforcements like Hawkeye and Ant-Man. So, fans of Marvel's archer will get to see him suit up again next year when Avengers 4 hits theaters.

Further, one day Marvel fans may even get to see Deadpool team up with Hawkeye and trade quips back and forth. That is, if Disney's deal to acquire Fox and its assets - including the X-Men and Fantastic Four - goes through. Then Fox's catalogue of mutants could join the MCU, meaning Deadpool could finally meet all the superheroes of the MCU, like Captain America, Spider-Man and - of course, Hawkeye. Many fans might even argue that would be the best way to use Hawkeye, by teaming him up with Deadpool. Hopefully, moviegoers will get to see it one day.

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