Does Deadpool 2 Have An After-Credits Scene?

UPDATE: Read our full explainer for everything that happened in Deadpool 2's end-credits scene!

Deadpool 2 features Ryan Reynolds once again playing the Merc with a Mouth, but does the X-Men Universe sequel include an after-credits scene? The first Deadpool movie used a post-credits scene to tease the sequel - and confirm Cable would appear. Though the creative team behind the Deadpool franchise hadn't cast anyone yet, they clearly knew where the sequel would go. That paid off in Deadpool 2, which introduces Josh Brolin as the time-traveling frenemy of Wade Wilson. However, the future of Deadpool beyond his solo sequel is somewhat unclear.

Deadpool 3 seemed a sure thing after the success of the first film, but Reynolds recently revealed the franchise will likely move toward X-Force instead of the threequel. After introducing both Cable and Domino (Zazie Beetz) in Deadpool 2, this makes sense. Deadpool, Cable and Domino are key members of the X-Force and now that all three have been introduced to the X-Men cinematic universe, it would seem strange for Cable and Domino to sit out a third Deadpool solo film. (Though, of course, the option for Deadpool 3 is still there if the studio decides to move forward with it.)

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So, given the many directions Deadpool's on-screen narrative could go, it was unclear whether the sequel would include any credits scenes at all. Now that the movie is beginning to be released around the world, we can confirm Deadpool 2 has two mid-credits scenes and an end-credits song that fans will want to stick around to see and hear.

Without revealing spoilers, Deadpool 2's may be the best credits scenes ever - at least, according to those who caught the film in early press and fan screenings. It was previously reported that Deadpool 2 cut a credits scene with baby Hitler, which may give fans an idea of what to expect when they stick around through the sequel's credits. However, while it's always good form to watch the credits to see who was involved with the making of a film, casual fans may not find it necessary to stick around for the song at the end - as long as they don't mind missing the movie's final joke.

Now that Deadpool 2 is beginning to hit theaters, fans will finally get a chance to see the highly anticipated sequel. Early reviews for Deadpool 2 have been largely positive, but it remains to be seen if the movie can outperform the original. In 2016, Deadpool broke a number of box office records and became Fox's highest grossing X-Men film. Early numbers for the sequel put its opening weekend below the first film, but the latest Deadpool 2 box office projections indicate it could surpass Deadpool.

Even if Deadpool 2 doesn't break box office records, as long as it proves to be a success, Fox will likely continue to develop the Merc with a Mouth's corner of the X-Men universe. Whether that will take the form of Deadpool 3 or X-Force next remains to be seen, but the credits scenes for Deadpool 2 should keep fans hyped for the further adventures of Wade Wilson.

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