Once Upon A Deadpool Gets Same Adult Rating In UK

Once Upon A Deadpool receives the same adult UK rating as the original cut of Deadpool 2. The announcement of another cut of Deadpool 2 starring Ryan Reynolds was initially viewed as a last second attempt by Fox to squeeze even more money out of the franchise worldwide, but not every territory is seeing enough differences to reduce the rating.

When Deadpool first began development, one of the biggest holdups was the rating it would receive. Reynolds believed an R rating was the only way to go, while the studio wanted to see if PG-13 could work to maximize the commercial appeal. Compromises were made on both sides after leaked footage showed what the R-rated version could be like and resulted in the first Deadpool grossing over $780 million. The sequel got an increased budget and cast but wound up making slightly less, so Fox has now agreed to release a new cut of the movie in theaters for a limited time this holiday season. Fred Savage joined the cast to shake up the narrative structure, while edits were made for cleaner jokes and less blood.

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The MPAA has already given the new cut a PG-13 designation, but the British Board of Film Criticism (BBFC) has decided not to lower the UK rating. The original cut of Deadpool 2 received a 15 rating originally and after seeing the new cut for Once Upon A Deadpool, the BBFC has elected to also give a 15 rating to this cut. Crude humor and strong violence are the reasons for the 15 rating both cuts received.

Since Fox was hoping to find a slightly younger audience with this new cut of Deadpool 2, not receiving a lower rating by the BBFC is a surprise. One of the biggest points behind doing the new cut is to reach a new audience, so they were surely hoping for a 12 or 12a rating for Once Upon A Deadpool. This decision could limit the business that the new cut does in the UK, but may signal that there won't be as much watering down of Deadpool as some fans may have feared.

After fans around the world have become used to seeing Deadpool in the R-rated environment, it will be interesting to see how he is received in the new cut. Even though the BBFC didn't lower their rating, Once Upon A Deadpool will be a very different take on the sequel. The argument can be made that the change allows for a brand new type of comedy and library of jokes, but many may not want to see the vulgar and violent hero changed now. But, with one dollar from every ticket sold going to Reynolds' foundation F*** Cancer, at least some good is guaranteed to come out of Once Upon A Deadpool regardless of the reception.

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Source: BBFC

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