Russo Brothers' Deadly Class TV Series Gets First-Look Teaser

Rick Remender’s Deadly Class is getting a television adaptation on SYFY and the network has released the first-look teaser for the new series. Though not a full trailer, the teaser offers a pretty good idea of what audiences can expect, and for fans of the comic book series, it looks to bring the story of a school for assassins to vibrant life. As an added bonus for comic book lovers, the series is being executive produced by Joe and Anthony Russo, who just so happen to have a little movie out right now called Avengers: Infinity War.

The Russos play into the trailer almost as much as footage from the actual series. Given the brothers’ increased profile since taking the helm of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s biggest franchises, it makes sense that SYFY would want them front and center to sell its newest series from the world of funny books. While neither Joe nor Anthony delve into what Deadly Class is actually about, the two do a fine job selling the series, offering bromides such as, “First time we read the book we were blown away” and the all-time favorite, “There’s nothing like it on television.” 

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The show’s actual premise revolves around King’s Dominion, a secret school that trains would-be assassins in the “deadly arts.” It’s kind of like Hogwarts for murderers, though the show looks to have a far more deviant bent than the story of the boy who lived. It’s a great high-concept idea for a comic book and from the look of the this teaser, it will likely make for an entertaining show, too. 

Benjamin Wadsworth in Deadly Class SYFY

Although it recently canceled one of the best sci-fi shows on TV at the moment with The Expanse, the network also has 12 Monkeys, The Magicians, Nightflyers and more to look forward to in the months to come. And though Deadly Class isn’t expected until 2019, it already looks as though it will make a solid paring with Happy!, another of SYFY’s violent shows adapted from the comics. 

The trailer itself leaves a lot on the table, but it fits with the network’s marketing as of late, in that new and upcoming shows are sold almost as much on the recognizable names behind them as they are on the idea of the show itself. Case in point, Nightflyers has ostensibly been sold more on George R.R. Martin’s name than it has on the idea of a haunted house story in space. The same is true here with the Russos, but given their success ratio in bringing comic book characters to life, it seems like a good move on behalf of SYFY’s marketing department. 

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Deadly Class is expected in 2019 on SYFY. 

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