Deadly Class Trailer Previews Russo Brothers’ New Comic Book TV Show

Next year will bring an adaptation of Rick Remender’s Deadly Class comic book to television, and SYFY has released a new trailer for the upcoming series that takes place at a literal school of hard knocks. The new trailer goes all-in on the series’ comic bona fides, as it not only mentions the story’s graphic novel origins, but also puts the Russo brothers’ name on screen in bold lettering. And just in case you were on the fence with regard to whether or not you planned on tuning in when the series actually premieres, the trailer is nice enough to remind you the brothers Russo were the director of this year’s biggest movie so far, Avengers: Infinity War.

The full trailer comes a few months after SYFY released its first teaser, introducing those who haven’t yet read the comic to the world of Deadly Class. Imagine Hogwarts but for assassins, and set in San Francisco in the late ‘80s. The result is a punk rock mashup of familiar storytelling conventions, wherein a young outsider finds his calling along with a group of like-minded misfits who were similarly recruited into a secret school. In this case, said misfits are recruited by Doctor Strange’s Benedict Wong. 

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As evidenced by the trailer, Deadly Class look to be a snazzy entry to SYFY’s lineup. Whether it’s series lead Benjamin Wadsworth as Marcus Lopez walking in slow motion with a cigarette hanging from his mouth, or any number of scenes featuring characters engaged in fisticuffs, swordplay, or florid examples of their own apparent badassery, the series is eager to demonstrate just how entrenched it is in the idea of late ‘80s counterculture. That notion is further backed up with an appearance by Henry Rollins, which suggests wistful Gen X-ers might actually be the real target audience of Deadly Class.

Benjamin Wadsworth Deadly Class SYFY

Nevertheless, the show looks like a lot of fun. If the Russos and executive producer Miles Orion Feldsott are able to capture even a fraction of the energy and rambunctious personality present in Remender’s comic, then SYFY will likely have a hit on its hands. 

The only disappointing thing about the trailer is that it’s for a series that won’t hit TV screens until next year, which is still far enough away this early look feels like an unfair tease. Although Deadly Class would have made for a great entry in the fall class of 2018, waiting a few more months could help it cement its place as a standout series for 2019. 

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Deadly Class is expected on SYFY in 2019.

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