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Deadly Class Comic

With so many TV series based on comic books finding success right now, it's no surprise that even more series are being picked up for development. Every possible kind of comic book and graphic novel seems to be getting in on the action, from superhero-based comics (Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Daredevil and Jessica Jones to name just a few), to zombie comics (The Walking Dead, iZombie), to cult comics (Preacher). Fans love seeing favorite characters brought to life in live-action, and the television format is a perfect way to tell comic stories.

The latest series to be announced as having a TV series in the works is one from Image Comics — the publisher that brought us The Walking Dead. The new adaptation is going to be based on another popular Image series, and already has a very famous directing team lined up to take charge.

A new report from Deadline has revealed that Deadly Class will be adapted as a TV series, with Sony Pictures TV intending the show for cable and streaming services. Writer/creator Rick Remender will be writing alongside Miles Orion Feld, with the Russo brothers (known for Captain America: Civil War and the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War) producing the show and Adam Targum as showrunner.

Deadly Class Image Comics

The comic series is set in 1987, and centers on a high school student named Marcus Lopez. In many ways, he is a typical teenager: He has a crush on a pretty girl, gets picked on by the jocks, and has both favorite and failing classes. However, there is one big difference to his high school experience - it's a school for assassins! The series blends the traditional coming-of-age story with violence and the creation of a new kind of criminal underworld, and promises to be a fantastic concept for television. The Russo brothers have a history of doing amazing work both in television (the duo won an Emmy for Arrested Development) and with comic book adaptations. We don't know any more about the adaptation or how faithful it will be to the comics as yet.

Deadly Class looks like it's going to be a fantastic series; the writing and production team are talented and experienced in the genre, and the Russo name is likely to generate a lot of buzz around the upcoming series. The concept itself seems like a perfect choice, with the high school setting bound to appeal to young adult viewers and the assassin elements broadening that appeal to older fans. Intending the series for cable and streaming services means that Deadly Class will be able to stay true to the violence in the comics, and shows like Daredevil and Preacher have proved that fans don't want to see their favorite characters dialed down for TV.

While many are going to be thrilled at this new addition to the comic book television roster, others may wonder if we are reaching a point of saturation with comic book adaptations. It's also worthwhile noting that this is still in the early stages of development, and nothing is guaranteed at this stage. However, those involved have been tweeting their excitement about the project, and it looks like all systems are go on Deadly Class at this year's SDCC. Remender will be at San Diego Comic Con this year (and sure to be deluged with Deadly Class fans looking for details), and will be available at the Image booth Friday (1-2pm) and Saturday (4-5pm).

We'll keep you updated on Deadly Class as the project develops.

Source: Deadline

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