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Death Wish with Charles Bronson

Most people tend to slow down when they reach old age. They retire, travel the world, enjoy a nice cup of tea now and again, take advantage of a few senior discounts, and overall take the time to appreciate the little things in life. Charles Bronson is not

one of these people. One of Hollywood's most celebrated vigilantes, who started racking up the kills as far back as 1953, didn't finally pack it in until 1999 when he shot his last bad guy at the age of 77.

Appearing in over 150 films and television series, Bronson had an illustrious career that included roles in The Great Escape, Once Upon a Time in the West, The Magnificent Seven, and The Mechanic. One of his most popular roles, however, came as Paul Kersey, a Manhattan architect-turned vigilante in the Death Wish series. As Kersey, Bronson killed 111 times in five films. His highest total for any film came in Death Wish 3 where he killed 54 baddies. Not too bad for the then 64-year-old.

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