10 Dark Comedy Shows To Watch When You're Done Binging Dead To Me

Dead to Me is an incredible show that deals with the pain of losing someone dear to you and the ability to express that pain within a new-found friendship. The show centers around two women, Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini), who come together and form a bond over the recent loss of loved ones.

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It boasts laughs and heartbreak in equal measure, along with dark twists and turns that leave us at the edge of our seats. Because it is such an epic show with so much to offer, it makes fans of the Netflix series instantly crave more. While it is uncertain whether or not a second season will be released to Netflix (although it's very likely), we will have to settle for other great dark comedies until then. So, without further ado, here are our recommendations.

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Weeds is very similar to Dead to Me in a lot of ways. It centers around a recently widowed mother named Nancy Botwin (Mary Louise Parker), who just lost her husband to a heart attack and now must learn how to take care of her two young boys on her own. She doesn't have a job, so what does she do to make ends meet? Sell weed, of course! Weeds is the original show to have an unexpected suburbanite sell drugs in order to "provide for the family" (we're looking at you, Breaking Bad).

The series is on Netflix and deals with everything from family drama to drug lords to unrequited love. It is a cult classic and deserves all the praise it can get. The show is created by the one and only Jenji Kohan, who also brought Orange is the New Black to life. If you love the dramatic/humorous mixture brought on by the prison comedy-drama, you will adore Weeds, a truly one of a kind masterpiece. Speaking of Orange is the New Black...


Why haven't you watched Orange is the New Black yet? What are you doing with your life? Seriously, it is the perfect mixture of comedy and ridiculous amounts of drama, along with all sorts of twists and turns you never saw coming.

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The show is about a women's prison, and it focuses on all of the unique ladies inside who must deal with the injustice of the system on a day to day basis. Jenji Kohan is the queen of dark comedies, so if you want to watch the best of the best when it comes to these kinds of shows, watch something created by this brilliant woman.


Shameless is a cult classic TV Show that deals with The Gallagher Family. Some of the best characters include Frank, the alcoholic/narcissistic/outrageous father of seven who is often spotted passed out on the kitchen floor, Lip, the outrageously brilliant eldest son, Carl, the young sociopath, Debbie, the teenage mother, and Fiona, the caretaker/addict. How does this family get by with the day to day struggles on the south side of Chicago?

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Watch Shameless to find out! One minute you will be clutching your stomach from laughing so hard, while the next moment you'll be crying. Hard. What more could you ask for in a dark comedy?


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is another series on Netflix, created by the hilarious Rachel Bloom. Bloom plays a woman named Rebecca Bunch, who moves from New York City to California in order to live in the same town as the guy she dated for a few weeks at summer camp. The thing is, he is completely unaware of her feelings for him, and he's already in a committed relationship. How will Rebecca cope when she sees the "love of her life" with another woman? What will she do about it?

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend brilliantly diverts the sexist idea that women are "crazy" when it comes to their romantic relationships. Oh, and it's a musical, which makes it pretty much impossible not to love. It goes from extremely cheery and sing-songy like a Disney movie to dark and cynical in a matter of seconds. Luckily though, it totally works and ultimately makes for an amazing series which you can stream now on Netflix!


Six Feet Under is a beloved HBO series that deals with a Los Angeles family called The Fishers, who own a funeral home. At the start of the show, the funeral director dies, which is tragic considering he happens to be the father of the Fisher family. Surrounded by death, what can possibly go wrong? The better question is what can't go wrong?

Six Feet Under has been praised as one of the greatest shows of all time by both Time and Empire Magazine. It has won over 9 Emmys and has been listed as having the best series finale of all time. Not bad, huh? It's the perfect show to watch after Dead to Me because it deals with similar themes and dark humor.


What do you get when a has-been horse (who was in a very famous TV show back in the 1990s) becomes a depressed, raging alcoholic? Bojack Horseman, of course! With an impressive cast of A-list Hollywood voice actors, this animated series constantly delivers, with its promise of laugh out loud moments followed by scenes that will make a grown man sob.

It is one of the most intelligent shows on TV and it is truly unlike anything else out there. Plus, it's all on Netflix! Every episode is more interesting than the next, and Bojack Horseman is never afraid to deal with some seriously dark topics similar to those found on Dead to Me.


Put your feelings for Lena Dunham aside and consider watching one of the best/darkest comedies of all time, HBO's Girls. Although the HBO series about four young women in their 20s doesn't deal with the surprise twists or turns that you might get from a show like Dead To Me, it still manages to be just as dark and eerie, simply by depicting what life is like for a young woman out in "the real world".

Its refusal to glamorize things is refreshingm and it presents an all-too-realistic depiction of female friendships, similarly to Dead To Me. Everything about this show is superb, and the more you cringe, the more you know its working.


If you love watching outrageously awkward situations depicted on TV, you will adore Curb Your Enthusiasm.  Perhaps the most cringe-worthy TV show of all time (in the best way possible), Curb Your Enthusiasm centers around Larry David (creator of Seinfeld), as he navigates through life in Los Angeles with an overly blunt attitude that gets him into a whole lot of trouble.

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This show is not for the sensitive crowd, and it is never afraid to say what most people are thinking (but would never dare say out loud).


Perhaps the darkest comedy of all time, South Park, like Dead To Me, deals with themes of friendship and a whole lot of death *cough cough, Kenny*. The animated TV series, written by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, has been cherished for its bravery and unique philosophical approach to all sorts of topical issues.

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Although South Park deals with a whole range of dark topical issues, from stem cell research to anything and everything besides, when it comes down to it, it is a show that is all about friendship. Mainly, the friendship that stems from four young boys knows as Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny. Somehow, they manage to maintain their friendship after all of the chaos bestowed upon them, and we can't help but be reminded of Dead To Me in that respect.


If you want to see a show that properly depicts the darker moments in high school, Freaks and Geeks is the one for you. We're talking real high school here, not the kind that you see on cheery 90s sitcoms like Saved By The Bell. Plus, it stars the one and only Linda Cardellini, who plays a high school student desperately wanting to fit in.

You get to see familiar Hollywood faces at the beginning of it all, such as Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jason Seigel, and Busy Phillips. It's a truly unique show and it was the launching point of Judd Apatow's outstanding career as a director.

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