'Dead Space' Video Game Adaptation On The Way

Yet another video game movie has been announced to be on the way to the big screen, this time it's the hit sci-fi/horror-action game, Dead Space. The game is set to be adapted for film by Eagle Eye and Disturbia director, D.J. Caruso. He and Electronic Arts are looking at prospective writers and once they have one, they'll wait on the "sign off" from EA about the creative direction before they start to auction it to the various studios.

Dead Space is a third-person sci-fi/horror/action game that's set aboard an "interstellar mining ship" and follows an engineer called Isaac Clarke, who has to battle against an alien-like virus infestation that reanimates human corpses and turns them into grotesque creatures called "Necromorphs."

Since it's early on in the development stages, there's no word how closely the Dead Space film will follows the game's plot, but it certainly sounds very cinematic and thus they shouldn't need to change all that much (with a few tweaks here and there aside).

Dead Space is the fifth game from EA that is on the road to being turned into a movie: They already have Dante's Inferno, Army of Two, The Sims and Mass Effect. The Dead Space game was released last year, and due to its success, a second and third game are on their way.

The Dead Space movie already has two strikes against it though: the fact that it's a video game movie and the fact that Caruso has been tapped to direct it. Starting with the video game movie issue - one hasn't been made yet that's technically "good."  So automatically Dead Space is off to a bad start in my eyes.

The second issue is of it being Caruso who's set to direct: He's not the absolute worst director in the world, but his overly flashy and showy style (see Disturbia and Eagle Eye - although admittedly I enjoyed the latter) doesn't bode well for a Dead Space movie.

The game is very atmospheric and really damn creepy (not too dissimilar to watching Event Horizon or even Alien to some extent), and I'm afraid Caruso won't be able to capture that tone because of his usual style. When he attempted a horror-thriller with the Seven rip-off Taking Lives, it didn't work for me.

As I always am with video game movies, I'm willing to give Dead Space a fair shot. It certainly has a lot of elements within the game that have a lot of potential to make a really cool feature film. But the history of video games movies makes me dubious they'll be able to manage it this time around. Here's hoping.

Do you think Dead Space would make a good movie? And do you think D.J. Caruso is a good fit to adapt it?

Sources: Variety via Bloody-Disgusting

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