'Dead Rising' Video Game Movie in Development

Dead Rising movie in the works

Are video game movies going to be the next big trend in Hollywood? Well, if that doesn't happen, then it certainly won't be for lack of trying on the part of film studios such as the newly-formed Ubisoft Motion Pictures - which hopes to become the next Marvel Studios, so to speak, by churning out cinematic adaptations of its most popular gaming intellectual properties (beginning with Assassin's Creed).

We can add yet another project to the growing list of titles that may become part of a renaissance in the video game movie genre: the Capcom zombie survival series adaptation, Dead Rising. The first installment in the original game series launched back in 2006 exclusively for the Xbox 360; since then, the game was remade for the Wii as Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop in 2009 and has given rise to two sequels - most recently, Dead Rising 3 on the Xbox One. (For much, much more information on the property, check out the Dead Rising archives at Game Rant.)

The Dead Rising feature, as reported by Coming Soon, has Lorenzo di Bonaventura (the Transformers and G.I. Joe movie franchises) onboard as executive producer and will be released on multiple platforms in the U.S. by Crackle - which also handled such noteworthy Sony genre movies as Men in Black and District 9. In addition, the film will produced by Tim Carter and Tomas Harlan through their Contradiction Films banner, while Carter is also onboard to pen the screenplay - having previously written the Sleeping Dogs video game and produced the Mortal Kombat: Legacy digital series.

Dead Rising video game movie in development

Dead Rising joins such upcoming video game-based projects as Assassin's Creed and The Last of Us, among others, as movies in the making that've employed the talents of individuals with experience working in the actual gaming industry. Indeed, something that has allowed the superhero/comic book film genre to flourish in recent years, is that the people making them have come from various backgrounds - some with a combination of comic book and film/TV experience (see: Joss Whedon), others from a more pure cinematic educational upbringing (see: Christopher Nolan).

We're already seeing signs that the video game movie genre is moving in a similar direction; besides such titles as Dead Rising and the multiple film projects that Ubisoft has in the planning, we've got someone like Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity, Edge of Tomorrow) calling the shots on the Splinter Cell game series adaptation. So maybe, just maybe, we are facing the dawn of a new age for video game movies, as predicted by many at this point.

As for how the Dead Rising movie will distinguish itself from the plethora of other zombie-related TV shows and films released in recent years, well, let's take one step at a time, now...


We'll keep you posted on development of the Dead Rising video game movie.

Source: Coming Soon

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