Capcom is Working on Dead Rising 5

Capcom is currently working on Dead Rising 5. News of the upcoming sequel seemed to have leaked in August of last year, but the project is now confirmed. There does seem to be some debate over whether or not Dead Rising 5 would be an Xbox exclusive.

Microsoft has had a rough time in this latest generation of consoles. The PlayStation 4 has enjoyed market success and critical acclaim with its exclusive titles, such as Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War. While Nintendo, obviously, has dominated basically all of pop culture with the Switch and its dearly beloved exclusives like Zelda: Breath of the Wild. With the news of former Microsoft exclusive State of Decay 2 possibly heading to Steam in the near future, gamers have been left to wonder what unannounced Xbox exclusives Microsoft could possibly have in store for the remainder of the year. It would make sense for Dead Rising 5 to be on that list of Microsoft exclusives. However, Dead Rising 4 did eventually make its way onto the PS4, so it's hard to say just what Microsoft has in store for the zombie fighting game.

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In a statement published by Capcom Unity, the company has decided to officially drop mobile support of Puzzle Fighter in order to focus their attention on Dead Rising 5Puzzle Fighter will be playable until July 31, 2018, the game itself will be removed from app stores as of the first of July. In-app purchases have already been disabled, though previously purchased game currency will still be useable to upgrade characters. As a little bit of a consolation prize, upcoming stages and characters such as Dr. Wily and Resident Evil's Ada Wong will be free to players until the servers shut down.

Late last year, 4chan leaked the news that Capcom was working on the fifth installment of their popular Dead Rising series, per a report by Gamepur. The leak claimed that Capcom had been working on 5 since 2015 and blamed the less than stellar sales for Dead Rising 4 on a rush job forced on the developers at Capcom's insistence. According to the leak, the Dead Rising 4 timeline is being retconned out of the series' canon in Dead Rising 5, which it claims will essentially reset the series without actually rebooting it in full.

Perhaps the biggest risk being taken, according to the leak, is the supposed absence of Frank West as the sequel's protagonist. There have been several main characters throughout the franchise. Dead Rising 2 introduced gamers to motocross racer/father Chuck Greene, while Dead Rising 3 centered around orphaned mechanic Nick Ramos. Still, West is easily the most popular protagonist in the franchise.

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Sources: Capcom, Gamepur

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