Dead Rising 5 Cancelled as Capcom Vancouver Shuts Down

Development on Dead Rising 5 has ended as Capcom prepares to close its Vancouver-based studio responsible for both the Dead Rising series and Puzzle Fighter for mobile, the latter of which unexpectedly had its support ended early after launching in late 2017.

Dead Rising 5 first surfaced via leaks last year and was confirmed to be in development by Capcom this Spring. Initially a third-party exclusive for the Xbox platform, the series expanded to PC and PlayStation 4 this generation due to the larger player bases on the other platforms. We didn't love Dead Rising 4 and were hopeful that the leaks about Dead Rising 5 ignoring it in canon, and not being as rushed, were true. Now, it doesn't seem to matter. It's dead.

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In their official statement on Tuesday, Capcom confirmed that they've cancelled the in-development projects at Capcom Vancouver.

"Capcom has been focused on increasing the efficiency and growth of its game development operations. To support this objective, new R&D facilities and annual hiring have been underway at the Osaka headquarters. In consideration of this process, as a result of reviewing titles in development at Capcom Vancouver, Capcom has decided to cancel the development projects at this studio and will concentrate development of major titles in Japan."

And in their press release to investors on the subject, Capcom confirmed that the cost of cancelling the projects and for severance for the 158 layoffs, they'll be taking a 4.5 billion yen loss. Some of the losses to Capcom have been mitigated by Monster Hunter: World outperforming expectations on all platforms.

Guns in Dead Rising

A "skeleton crew" will remain at the studio until January 2019 to "finalize closure operations and logistics." Back in April, Capcom Vancouver was already put on this path with 30% layoffs at that point in time and Kotaku reported that they had another untitled third-person action game prototype that was shuttered.

Dead Rising had a pair of live-action film adaptations made for digital service, Crackle, but the IP failed to grow or catch on lately. Looking back, Capcom Vancouver may have been a decent fit for Microsoft's series of developer acquisitions for Xbox earlier this year and announced at E3 2018. It would make sense for them to solidify Dead Rising and relaunch as an exclusive IP, but then again they do have the co-op zombie franchise State of Decay now entirely under their umbrella.

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