Dead Rising 4 Trailer: Return to the Willamette Mall

Zombies have inserted themselves into popular culture over the years throughout numerous mediums and under countless names. Whether it be in film, television, or in gaming, zombies are no strangers to the screen, big or small. Some may argue that a bit of zombie fatigue may have begun to set in among the masses, but with The Walking Dead still going strong and major video game titles such as Days Gone still slated for release, it appears as though there is still a market for the genre.

One gaming franchise that has capitalized on the zombie craze, albeit in a unique manner, is Capcom's Dead Rising. Even among a healthy serving of gaming titles centered around the fight for survival against the undead, Dead Rising has managed to stand out from the crowd with its playful sense of humor and over-the-top violence. At E3 2016, Capcom and Xbox proved that the brand still has a major audience when they unveiled a trailer for Dead Rising 4, and now it appears as though fans have received even more footage from the upcoming game.

Capcom and Xbox have revealed a brand new gameplay trailer for Dead Rising 4, featuring the return of photojournalist Frank West and the Willamette Mall. Just in time for the holidays, the trailer features a recon mission gone awry, and, of course, when things go bad for Frank it can only mean one thing: hacking and blasting through hordes and hordes of zombies.

Dead Rising 4

Set in the Willamette Mall right in the middle of the holiday shopping season, Dead Rising 4 promises to deliver an open world experience, returning with its hallmark gameplay, and, of course, unrivaled customization options that allow players to create practical tools or incredibly ridiculous weapons. Cheeseburgers, selfies, cannons, and even a mech suit all make an appearance in the most recent trailer for this one-of-a-kind gaming franchise from Capcom and Xbox.

If the trailer's tone is any indication, it appears as though Dead Rising 4 is returning to its tried and true formula of countless zombies, impressive weapon customization, and gratuitous violence. Frank's welcome sense of humor, which never allowed the narrative to take itself too seriously in the past, thusly separating itself from other titles in the genre, appears to still be intact as well.

After Dead Rising 3 received career low marks, although it was still generally well-reviewed, this upcoming entry into the franchise hopes to attract both new and old fans back to the series.

Dead Rising 4 will be available on both Xbox One and Window's 10 worldwide, beginning December 6, 2016.

Source: Microsoft

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