Dead Rising 4 Trailer: Happy Holidays (and Zombie Killing)

Dead Rising 4

Over the years, the zombie genre has grown at a remarkable rate, leaving behind the modest fringe element that it represented in days gone by and shifting into a high gear, all encompassing passion for many. Whether it’s in film, novels, television, graphic novels or video games, the excitement that some feel over zombies is often matched only by the joy taken in seeing them destroyed.

Being the astute bunch that they are, video game developers have not missed an opportunity to focus on exactly that. A lengthy lineage of zombie themed games has existed for decades now and some franchises (like Capcom’s Xbox exclusive Dead Rising) have made the destruction of undead hordes an outright treat. Those loyal to the series have eagerly taken on three installments and waited patiently for the arrival of a fourth opportunity to shred some undead.

With the 2016 E3 conference currently underway, it looks as though Dead Rising 4 will soon be unleashed on a gaming public hungry for more. The first trailer has had its premier at the annual video game extravaganza in Los Angeles and what it shows – among many other things – is that Capcom has been hard at work since 2013’s Dead Rising 3. You can check out Dead Rising 4’s bloody carnage in the video above.

Set during the Christmas season and backed by Brenda Lee’s 1964 rendition of Jingle Bell Rock, the trailer confirms that photojournalist Frank West will once again return and find himself fighting zombies in a shopping mall, as well as in and around the snowy, fictional Colorado town of Willamette. There had previously been rumors that Capcom would be out to re-imagine the first Dead Rising game - which sees West trapped inside a Willamette shopping mall during a zombie outbreak - and while this appears to be exactly the case in the new trailer, there is no official confirmation of the game’s story. West does seem to be enjoying himself as he takes selfies of his undead slay-a-thon before posting them to social media. What’s more, the armored suit he can be seen wearing at some points appears to give him a considerable amount of strength - as is evidenced by his ability to swing a cement tipped post into a crowd of undead.

Capcom looks to have outdone themselves this time around, supplying West with a rather zany array of weapons including some sort of candy cane firing crossbow and what can only be described as a Triceratops headpiece with flame throwing capabilities. Those with a penchant for annihilating legion after legion of zombies will certainly find no shortage of that here, but exactly what else the game has to offer has yet to be determined.

As far as first looks go, Dead Rising 4’s first official trailer is undoubtedly an impressive one, but it is still far too early to predict whether or not the game will be embraced by fans of both the series and the genre. With a holiday season release planned for Dead Rising 4 however, many happy gamers will be sure to spend the most festive time of the year on their very own slay rides.

Dead Rising 4 is set for a holiday 2016 Xbox One release.

Source: Xbox

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