Dead To Me: 5 Times Jen Was A Bad Friend (& 5 Times Judy Was)

Dead to Me is a new Netflix series, scoring a whopping 8.2/10 average on IMDb. This comedy drama follows Jen Harding (Christina Applegate), who is dealing with her husband's murder. She meets Judy Hale (Linda Cardellini), who is also experiencing grief of her own.

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The series follow their friendship as Jen tries to solve her husband's murder, but Judy has some shocking secrets. These two women are powerhouses, and honestly, their friendship and support of each other is absolutely goals. However, they definitely experience a few bumps along the way. This list shares the 5 worst things that Jen did as a friend, and the 5 times Judy was equally as horrible.

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10 Judy: When She Lies About Steve's Death

This clearly is a huge red flag for Judy. Considering Jen and Judy just met, we completely understand Jen's total and utter fury at finding out that Judy's "late lover" isn't actually dead, but that they just broke up.

Imagine you were going through your husband's passing, and thought someone else was too, then they weren't? Comparing death to a break-up isn't cool, Judy.

9 Jen: When She Blows Up Like a Bomb On Judy (In Front of Everyone)

We get it, we were just as angry as you, Jen, but boy are you a firecracker. She's nothing short of a ticking time bomb, and we're definitely glad we're not Judy when Jen explodes during the grief support group meeting.

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Profanity and insults aside, Jen's words were pretty volatile. Jen wasn't lying when she said you didn't want to be on the receiving end of her anger, and Judy had to learn that the (incredibly) hard way.

8 Judy: When She Doesn't Tell Jen About Steve's House (& Accidentally Insults Her Relationship)

When Judy and Jen are on their mission to meet Bambi at the odd restaurant, Judy neglects to tell Jen that she's the reason that Steve is going to pull his house off the market.

Granted, Judy didn't want to steal Jen's thunder, as this night was about her, but that's still pretty shady. Not only that, but a minute later she deeply insults Jen's marriage by saying at least Steve never cheated on her. Talk about a double foot in your mouth. Yikes.

7 Jen: When She Agrees To Sell Steve's House

Although Jen defends herself by saying it occurred when she thought Judy was volatile, it's still a bit questionable that she continues to work closely with Steve even after they patch things up.

Judy and Steve clearly have some issues, and at this point, Jen thinks that Steve left Judy because of her miscarriages. Aren't women supposed to hate the same people, especially if that person is an ex?

6 Judy: When She Talks to Shandy Adams Behind Jen's Back

We all know that Judy is trying to keep her secret, well, a secret, but it's coming with some pretty bad-friend stuff. Judy knows the only witness was Shandy Adams, and uses Jen's son and her relationship with him to take the opportunity to sneak away and talk with the young witness alone.

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This is some pretty sneaky stuff, and we can't exactly stand behind her talking with the poor girl behind her bestie's back.

5 Jen: When She Lets Judy Take the (Criminal) Fall for Her

It's no secret that Jen has a very, very bad rage issue. We were all cringing (and maybe simultaneously applauding) when Jen takes a golf club to the car that's been consistently speeding down Ted's death scene.

However, when the cops catch on, Jen lets Judy take the fall for her. This isn't a regular I'll-take-the-blame or I-got-your-back kind of thing, but an actual criminal offence that Judy spent the night in jail for. That's pretty low.

4 Judy: When She Ghosts Jen All Day to Help Steve Destroy the Murder Vehicle

Jen is falling deeper and deeper off the rails as the series progresses, and this episode is where she needs Judy more than ever. As her investigation into her husband's murder pushes her to her limits, Judy is off dodging her calls and completely ignoring her.

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We'd maybe get it if she was working, or out of town, but where is she? Oh yeah, she's helping her ex take apart and load the vehicle she used to kill Jen's husband. Huh.

3 Jen: When She Threatens to Shoot Judy in the Head

Jen's anger is MORE than justified, and she feels completely and utterly betrayed. However, this is definitely the final push for Jen, and it's kind of upsetting to watch her throw away Judy like a bag of garbage.

We get it, we'd feel totally blindsided, too. Yet Jen's anger strikes again, and we can't exactly say we'd ever threaten to shoot ANYBODY in the head with our late husband's gun, which we just so happen to have in our purse. Admit it, you kind of feel bad for Judy in this scene.

2 Judy: The Entire Lying-to-You-About-Killing-Your-Husband Thing

While Jen may take the cake with her bursts of anger and violent outbursts, it is pretty hard to outdo the entire, you know, murdering-your-best-friend's-husband-and-moving-into-her-guesthouse-and-becoming-her-rock-without-telling-her kind of thing.

Yeah, that's a mouthful, and we're shaking our heads. Judy is a sweet, compassionate, and selfless character, and it's more than clear she is absolutely dripping with guilt over the entire thing. However, we can't really get past this huge, whopping lie. It's kind of a biggie.

1 Jen: When She Actually Does Shoot Judy's Lover

So, you can maybe read this a blessing, but we all know that Judy has some weird feelings for Steve. Although it's pretty satisfying to watch this douchebag floating in the pool and knowing Jen was behind the trigger, we can't help but cringe when Judy shows up.

The kicker is that the episode ends before we really get to know Judy's reaction, and who knows, maybe she's happy about it? But at this point, we're going to play it safe and say it's probably best not to murder anyone that your friend has any residual feelings for.

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