D&D Character Classes Of The Walking Dead Characters

The Walking Dead is full of characters who have survived the hardships of a zombie apocalypse. This is what their D&D classes would be.

The characters on The Walking Dead are a unique group of survivors who have managed to endure more than most people would even think is possible, and they all have managed to survive in their own way. They're all still alive because they learned how to play to their strengths and take advantages of the weaknesses of others, and they have faced a whole lot of moral and ethical quandaries along the way.

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The world of TWD doesn't bear a lot in common with the fantasy land of the classic role playing game Dungeons & Dragons, but these hardened warriors would undoubtedly fit right into the D&D world too. But if Daryl, Michonne, and the rest of the squad found themselves in D&D, what character classes would they all be? These are all of the characters on The Walking Dead, along with the Dungeons & Dragons character classes that they belong in.

10 Gabriel Stokes - Cleric

Sometimes it's hard to nail what exact D&D character class would match a certain character the most appropriately, and other times there are character classes that match a character so perfectly that they could never be anything else. And since Father Gabriel is quite literally a cleric, he couldn't be anything other than a Cleric in Dungeons & Dragons either. The D&D Cleric is a warrior and priest who fights battles for good on the earthly realm but still has a deep connection to the gods that they serve, and although it may have taken Gabriel a minute to get the warrior part down he certainly fits that description perfectly now.

9 Alpha - Barbarian

In case the very name of the class didn't indicate exactly what kind of character Barbarians are, these characters are absolute savages who use their brute strength and blind fury to dominate in the battlefield.

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Alpha may be slightly more strategically minded than the average D&D Barbarian, but she is probably even more brutal than most people would expect the traditional Barbarian to be, and she certainly tends to let her instincts and anger guide her in any fight. That devotion to her inner crazy person has obviously served her well so far, and although we hate to admit it, she likely would have dominated in the D&D world as well.

8 Ezekiel - Druid

King Ezekiel in The Walking Dead Season 9

Ezekiel undoubtedly would have been able to get quite far on his wits and skills alone, but what definitely distinguished him from the average survivor after the end of the old world was the fact that the dude had a freaking tiger. Even now it would be hard to not be impressed by a man with a pet tiger, but it was an absolutely insane sight to behold in the TWD world, and it's easy to see why so many people chose to follow him. That connection with nature is what made him so special, and that is why he is a Druid class character.

7 Aaron - Bard

Aaron was easily one of the most skilled survivalists in the entire Alexandrian community, even if that's not saying much. He contributed a lot to their little town, and he managed to survive out in the wild pretty well, but what really makes him a valuable member of the human community is his ability to talk to people and relate to them. It's the most important and necessary part of his mission to find other like minded individuals and create a better world for everyone, and Aaron was excellent at reading people and telling them what they needed to hear in order to trust him, which is why he's best matched with the Bard character class.

6 Eugene Porter - Bard

Aaron is undoubtedly a man who is talented with his tongue, but he really has nothing on Eugene. Eugene's exterior is a very charmless and weak man, but his ability to speak to people and convince them of literally anything is the only reason why he has managed to survive for so long.

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He's a literal genius and he does have a lot to offer the group, but no one would have given the time of day if he couldn't convincingly lie through his teeth. So Eugene is yet another character who belongs in the Dungeons & Dragons character class of the Bard.

5 Rosita Espinosa - Fighter


Rosita Espinosa isn't necessarily a natural leader, but her fighting skills match or probably even exceed most of the toughest characters in the entire series. What makes Rosita such an incredible warrior is her versatility. Clearly she's a beast in hand to hand combat, but when it comes to weaponry, battle strategy, and pretty much everything else under the sun related to fighting or waging war she's a downright expert. So of course, Rosita fits best within the D&D character class of the Fighter. Fighters are unsurprisingly very good fighters, but what makes them special among all character classes is how they've managed to master so many different fighting skills.

4 Negan - Warlock

Negan is undoubtedly a very scary and intimidating individual, but to be honest it's kind of difficult to understand how he managed to acquire so much power and how so many people were so terrified of him. Yes, he's a tyrannical despot, but a lot of the characters that we've seen before seem to be more than enough of a match to Negan, and it's hard to imagine that he's never met his match before. And that's why Negan belongs in the Warlock class. Warlocks are characters that wield great magical power, but they gained that power through what is essentially a deal with the devil, and that is a pretty plausible backstory to explain Negan's success.

3 Michonne - Paladin

Within the world of Dungeons & Dragons, the Paladin class of character is a powerful warrior that is a stalwart champion for the forces of good, and that seems to be a very apt description of our girl Michonne. Michonne has gone through quite the character transformation since the audience first met her, but one thing that has never changed is her morality.

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She has always been a sincerely good person and she has always been willing to stick to her guns no matter what the cost. She's not swayed by anyone else and she always knows her true north, no matter how horrible things get.

2 Carol Peletier - Rogue

Melissa McBride as Carol in The Walking Dead season 10

All of the characters on TWD are scary in one way or another, but if someone had to go toe to toe with one of them in combat we think Carol is just about the last person anyone would want to duke it out with. Carol is one of the most intimidating characters because she is truly a wolf in sheep's clothing, and she is so, so good at hiding her true nature. She has instinctively played it close to the vest so many times right when she needed to, and a perfect example of her sneaky genius was when she quickly drew a W on her forehead during the attack of the Wolves. Carol is undoubtedly a Rogue class, a D&D warrior that uses underhanded trickery to win their battles.

1 Daryl Dixon - Ranger

Daryl Dixon is an undeniably incredibly skilled fighter and survivor, and we have yet to see anyone who can really match his strength and talent. And Daryl is undoubtedly a very loving, kind, and benevolent man, but he is also very much a natural loner. He rarely opens up, even around the people he truly loves, and he's more than capable of surviving all on his own. So that is why Daryl is clearly a Ranger in the Dungeons & Dragons character classes. The Ranger is a very talented warrior who fights against the forces of evil, but typically does so on the edges of civilization and beyond.

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