DCU: Nightwing's Titans Supersuit Costume Officially Unveiled

Nightwing's official supersuit costume design has been revealed to the public ahead of the Titans season two premiere, airing November 29th.

Titans Nightwing Costume First look

A brand-new never-before-seen supersuit for the DCU television character Nightwing has been unveiled ahead of the Titans season two finale, which is set to air Friday, November 29th. Beginning it's run in October 2018, Titans loosely follows the DC Comics series Teen Titans and, although offering a grittier take than most fans of the original comics were expecting, has led to much approval and many Titans-related memes since the show's initial release.

Ever since a third season of Titans was confirmed for release in 2020, fans have been wondering just where the superhero sidekick show was going to leave things at the end of its upcoming season 2 finale. Although the show has reworked the Dark Knight's mythology to a certain extent, many fans still expected to see the emergence of Nightwing's superhero persona at some point. Thanks to some recent press photos, those fans can breathe a bit easier.

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As reported by a Titans press release, Nightwing will be arriving in the Titans season two finale episode, and ahead of the character's television reveal his iconic supersuit was on display for the first time during a special event in Burbank, California earlier today. The show's Executive Producer and Showrunner, Greg Walker, along with Specialty Costume Designer Laura Jean Shannon, were on hand to unveil the suit to the public in order to build anticipation ahead of Titans' season 2 finale.

Titans Nightwing Costume Designers

Alongside the brand-new Nightwing costume, supersuits for other Titans season 2 characters like Jason Todd's Robin, Wonder Girl, Hawk, Deathstroke, and Aqualad were also on display at the press event, each and every one of them designed by Laura Jean Shannon and her team. The suits were built by Creative Character Engineering, a company which has created props for films like DeadpoolInterstellar, and Guardians of the Galaxy, along with horror films like Let Me In and the reboot of A Nightmare on Elm Street.

While technically not involved with the current batch of The CW DC television shows which make up the Arrowverse, it will still be interesting to see if any of the characters on Titans show up in the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event that channel is preparing to start next month. Although fans have not even seen Nightwing appear properly in Titans yet, the simple fact of Kevin Conroy appearing in Crisis as an alternate-universe version of Batman pretty much means all cards are off the table when it comes to cameos. However, before crossing their fingers for such a crossover, viewers can definitely see Nightwing in the season two finale of Titans when it airs Friday, November 29th, on DC Universe.

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