DC's Shazam! Movie Release Date Finally Confirmed By WB

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While DC's Shazam! has been in the works for years, Warner Bros. has finally confirmed its release date for 2019. It's been quite a while since WB and DC first announced their ambitious slate of superhero films, but things have changed considerably since then. While Wonder Woman arrived without a hitch, Justice League was nearly derailed by a series of behind-the-scenes issues. Films like Flashpoint, meanwhile, have suffered multiple director and writer losses, while even this year's Aquaman had its release date changed twice.

Luckily, the King of Atlantis will arrive in theaters later this year and 2019 will bring a fast-tracked sequel to Wonder Woman and the debut of Shazam! Though the hero has yet to be teased in a DCEU movie, horror director David F. Sandberg is hard at work crafting the film. Star Zachary Levi began work on Shazam! just a few weeks back and casting announcements for the film have been arriving regularly. And though it's been assumed the release date of Shazam! was a given, we now have confirmation.

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Borys Kit of THR was on hand for the TCAs where WB confirmed Shazam! will arrive on April 5, 2019. This date has long been held for the film and Shazam!'s director confirmed the release date last year, though he wasn't specific about the month. With so many shakeups in the DCEU, however, fans will likely be glad for something concrete regarding the movie.

With a release date set and filming on the verge of commencing, regular updates for the film should soon follow. Along with set photos and videos that are sure to arrive this spring, a synopsis for the movie is sure to be forthcoming. We should also start getting some casting confirmations, though news on that front has been steadily pouring in over the past few months.

We recently learned This Is Us star Faithe Herman was cast in Shazam! as one of Billy Batson's young friends. She joins DC characters Pedro and Eugene, two other foster siblings of Billy's. Along with a couple of other kids, they all eventually gain powers similar to Shazam and help him fight the evil Black Adam in the comics. Of course, that character will be getting his own film starring Dwayne Johnson, but the threat in Shazam! (or more likely its sequel) could still see the kids power up.

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Source: Borys Kit

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  • Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) release date: Jun 05, 2020
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