10 DCOMs On Disney+, Ranked

Thanks to Disney+, we can watch all our favorite Disney Channel Original Movies anytime we want. But where do these 10 DCOMs rank?

As everyone knows by now, Disney launched a streaming service called Disney+. It is full of animated classics (along with their prequels and sequels that some people may have forgotten about), TV shows, Star Wars flicks, Marvel movies, new original works, 20th Century Fox films, all of The Simpsons and even Disney Channel Original Movies (hereon DCOMs).

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With so many selections, it can be hard to narrow down what to watch first. That being said, we have ranked the top 10 DCOMs available on this platform, which we think everyone should start with and which we can’t wait to watch again!

10 Quints (2000)

Quints came out in 2000, starring Kimberly J. Brown (Halloweentown) as Jamie Grover. This teenager’s parents welcomed five babies into their home and their lives (hence the title), which was not an easy transition for anyone… especially Jamie, since she felt pretty neglected.

Since most fans were around the same age as this character when watching this movie and since most fans probably had little siblings they found to be annoying at times, it was a very relatable story.

9 Double Teamed (2002)

Double Teamed was based on the true story of Heather Burge and Heidi Burge, twin sisters who became famous basketball players. It was released onto the Disney Channel in 2002, featuring actresses Poppi Monroe and Annie McElwain.

These two are not really twins or sisters or super tall ballers in real life, but their portrayal was an entertaining and inspiring one that made people want to shoot hoops and then watch this again! 

8 The Luck of the Irish (2001)

Ryan Merriman was in a couple of different DCOMs, including The Luck of the Irish from 2001. In this movie, a teen has to try and keep his family from being controlled by a leprechaun. It came out right before St. Patrick’s Day, it had some action-packed basketball scenes, and it featured this popular actor transforming into a leprechaun himself!

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Yes, this was certainly a memorable one from childhood, and it is great that Disney is making it available to everyone again. 

7 The Color of Friendship (2000)

On a more serious note, there is The Color of Friendship. Released in 2000 and set in the ‘70s, it focused on a white South African girl named Mahree Bok (who was portrayed by Lindsey Haun) and an African-American girl named Piper Dellums (who was portrayed by Shadia Simmons).

Mahree ends up being an exchange student at Piper’s house, and the two learn some valuable lessons (ones that, sadly, still need to be repeated today), as well as become true friends. Get the tissues out for this one!

6 Smart House (1999)

Another Ryan Merriman flick was Smart House, from 1999. His character, Ben, won a dream home that was super technologically advanced. At first, his family is excited about it all, but soon, the house’s system, who is called PAT and voiced/played by Katey Sagal (Married... with Children), starts taking over and not taking directions from anyone else.

It was an interesting premise, and it feels very relevant and even creepier in 2019. Maybe turn off Alexa when watching this one...

5 Tru Confessions (2002)

A very underrated Disney Channel Original Movie is Tru Confessions. It came out in 2002, it featured Shia LaBeouf (in, arguably, one of his best roles ever) and Clara Bryant (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), and it was another moving and tear-inducing story;  Trudy is an aspiring filmmaker, so she enters a film contest and starts making a documentary about her twin brother, Eddie, who has autism.

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By watching the finished product, she and her entire family have some very important realizations and learn some very important lessons. 

4 Cadet Kelly (2002)

Of course, there is Cadet Kelly, which was released onto the channel in 2002. It starred Lizzie McGuire's Hilary Duff as a bright and bubbly teen who was sent to military school, forcing her to leave her home and her friends and her care-free life. Her flashy clothes and vibrant style is not accepted in this new place, especially by Even Steven's Christy Carlson Romano’s strict and serious character.

Like all good stories, though, this one has a happy ending, as these two learned to love each other... or at least tolerate each other. 

3 Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century (1999)

Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

In 1999, Kirsten Storms and That's So Raven's Raven-Symoné starred in Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. This was about a teen who wanted to know more about what her space station home was up to, and as a result, she was sent down to Earth!

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This popular flick was the first DCOM to get a sequel (well, a zequel), as well; Zenon: The Zequel came out in 2001, and Zenon: Z3 was released in 2004. This film also gets bonus points for giving the world the song "Supernova Girl" by Proto Zoa, which will probably be stuck in everyone’s head now. 

2 Halloweentown (1998)

Kimberly J. Brown’s most notable DCOM is Halloweentown, which is also one of the most beloved Halloween movies out there. And it is fine to watch it now, even though this holiday has since passed because "Halloween is cool"!

Brown played Marnie Piper, who learns she is a witch and then has to help save her grandmother’s town of magical creatures. Oh, and the late and great Debbie Reynolds played her grandmother, and this turned into a franchise, bringing about Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge in 2001, Halloweentown High in 2004, and Return to Halloweentown in 2006.

1 High School Musical (2006)

Last but not least, there was High School Musical in 2006. Zac Efron was Troy Bolton, a high school athlete, and Vanessa Hudgens was Gabriella Montez, a smart girl in high school. These two got cast in their school’s musical then became friends and more than friends within the film series and in real life.

After that, fans were given High School Musical 2 in 2007, followed by High School Musical 3: Senior Year in 2008, which was the first DCOM to come out in theaters. So… go watch it now! All of them! Hurry!

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