15 Superheroes Only True Fans Know Are Already In The DCEU

Warner Brothers has taken a lot of steps to provide a cohesive interconnected movie universe with the DCEU. It may not be as old as the MCU or as universally beloved, but its less welcoming and accessible tone is just what its fans enjoy about it. Regardless of opinion, several of the films have aroused significant interest from audiences. For example, 2017's Wonder Woman grossed more then $800 million worldwide off of an approximately $149 million budget. With financial potential like that, there is no reason to think WB will stop making films in the DC world anytime soon.

With this in mind, one can look at the currently available titles to see what characters are being groomed for future appearances down the line. Mainly, these hints imply that several superheroes already exist in the world off camera. Some of these characters are directly named, while some can be inferred to already be there by connecting the dots. However, they all would only be noticed by true fans of DC and their various comic book stories. These subtle clues would fly straight over the heads of any casual viewer who is not in the know.

So coming straight at you, here are 15 Superheroes Only True Fans Know Are Already In The DCEU.

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15 Artemis

Anybody who paid attention in high school when they taught mythology will be familiar with the name Artemis. For those who snoozed on it, Artemis is the Greek goddess of hunting, wild animals, childbirth, and several other related ideas. A daughter of Zeus, she was also a protector of young girls whose weapon of choice was the bow and arrow. This mixture of tough and nurturing traits makes her a perfect supporting character for Wonder Woman, which is probably why she was adapted for the comic all the way back in 1944.

In the DCEU, the goddess has already made two appearances. Funnily enough, she first shows up in Wonder Woman as one of Ares' victims in the story Diana is told by Queen Hippolyta. Fortunately, she ended up making an action packed appearance during Justice League's flashback scene about Steppenwolf's first invasion of earth. It's good that audiences still got to see her kick some butt before her demise at the hands of Aeres.

In the history of mythology Artemis is interesting for being a strong warrior who still has a very feminine presence. Hopefully audiences will see more of her in the DCEU's future titles in more extended flashbacks. Some characterization would be nice too.

14 Zeus

Zeus Justice League

Of all the ancient Greek gods, Zeus is the one that requires the least introduction. The highest ranked of all Mount Olympus's residents has been featured countless times in all forms of media. From the family friendly portrayal in Disney's Hercules to the rage filled brutality of God of War, it is difficult to avoid seeing him. Zeus was not added to the DC mythos until 1987, but he has since become a prominent figure in the universe. In fact, he is Wonder Woman's biological father.

Like Artemis, Zeus shows up in the action packed flash back of Justice League when his daughter relays the story of Steppenwolf to Bruce Wayne.

He goes unnamed, but it is easy to spot him as he is a towering mass man among all the other warriors. Additionally, his name can be spotted in the credits as being played by Sergi Constance.

Will audiences see more of the mighty Greek god in future DCEU releases? It's hard to say for now, but given how well Wonder Woman was handled, we think the film makers would do the character justice. Though the question remains, would he would be recast with a more well known actor?

13 Supergirl

While many fans would undoubtedly flip out with excitement if the DCEU and the Arrowverse ever crossed over, Warner Brothers is intent on never allowing that to happen. This intention has seemed concrete ever since Flash was cast in Justice League with a different actor. However, with the multiverse story arcs the television shows deal with, anything is possible. In the mean time, one small detail points to WB already having plans for another Superhero who already has their own television series.

The evidence dates all the way back to the DCEU's premiere outing, Man of Steel. In the scene where Superman is exploring a Kryptonian ship, there is an open pod where a Kryptonian would have been slumbering. Why else would the filmmakers put this detail into the film if not to tease a future appearance by Supergirl? As of now there are no plans to bring the character into the fold, but remember that even Wakanda was already being referenced in Iron Man 2, eight years before Black Panther.

Since the Supergirl television series already has its own Superman, it is extremely doubtful that the DCEU's Supergirl would be played by Melissa Benoist. Still, it would be great to see the character on the big screen.

12 Crispus Allen/The Spectre

The Spectre may not be as well known as some of the other DC giants, but this particular super hero has been gracing comic book pages since 1940. Originally coming to be after police officer Jim Carrigan's soul was sent back to earth when being denied entry into the afterlife, the Spectre's mission is to destroy evil in the world, starting with those who cut Jim's life short. Since then, the hero has assumed the identities of several different characters throughout the ages.

One of the bodies The Spectre posses is that of Crispus Allen, who has a small role in Justice League. He shares a scene with Commissioner Gordon discussing the recent kidnappings by the Parademons. It is his only appearance, but it is all that is needed to plant the seed. Maybe Allen will have his life taken away from him in a future film, then be revived as The Spectre.

Up until now most of the superheroes featured in the franchise have been big hitters. Eventually the well of household names will run dry and they'll have to start using slightly more obscure names and perhaps The Spectre will be the first one up to the plate.

11 Mera

This particular entry is more hidden in plain sight. Mera has a noteworthy part in Justice League as the love interest of Aquaman, even getting to duel it out with Steppenwolf for a short while when the villain attacks Atlantis. Anybody unfamiliar with the comics would see her as just another Atlantean, but those who know better can already deduce that she will be a major player in the Aquaman film and perhaps even in future DCEU films in general.

In the comics, Mera is Aquaman's wife and was previously the queen of Dimension Aqua, or Xebel. She remained a relatively insignificant figure, however, until recently. In fact, she has even joined the Justice League itself.

Though her time onscreen has been brief, the fact that a big name actress, Amber Heard, is in the role implies that her importance will be magnified in future movies.

Though she'll undoubtedly be given more time on the camera, Mera will still only be in a supporting role. However, given the drastic changes franchises like this are known to go through, it is possible that she'll be given an even bigger part in the next parts. Conversely, maybe she'll have an even smaller role than initially anticipated.

10 Booster Gold

Some say Easter Eggs should not be taken as Gospel, but others say if it is on screen, then it is canon. Maybe the reference really is there as a joke, but until the day that something more concrete says otherwise, it is not going to shake some people's faith. The particular Easter Egg this entry refers to occurs in Man of Steel and alludes to one of DC's more unique and bizarre heroes.

Booster Gold's allure is how he fully embraces and indulges in the fame and glory being a superhero awards him. He also has been known to undertake several business ventures to cash in on his name, one of them being an in universe comic book published by Blaze Comics. During the brawl between Superman and General Zod, the Blaze Comics logo can be spotted on a billboard in the city's backdrop. It's a difficult one to spot, but it is there if one looks close.

Booster Gold's personality runs incongruous to the DCEU's tone, but it could be just what the franchise needs to spice it up. They may also adapt the more modern version of the character who takes his vocation more seriously after he matures a bit.

9 Blue Beetle

Ted Kord Blue Beetle

Warner Brothers has also generously provided goodies outside of the films for fans to feast their eyes and imaginations on. One of the juiciest bits was the fictional interview Lex Luthor gave for Wired Magazine. The interview was more than just a piece of creative marketing for Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, however. It also provided hints for characters who could potentially appear in the franchise's future, one of which is Blue Beetle.

The article briefly mentions Kord Industries, which is almost definitely an illusion to Ted Kord, the second person to take up the Blue Beetle mantle. Blue Beetle was not actually created by DC, but eventually did become a part of the legendary company's comic book lore. Kord's Beetle also had no powers, but used ingenuity and science to give him the upper hand in the fight against evil.

Beetle would certainly be a solid addition to the superhero lineup the DCEU films have already set up. Since he does not have any inherent supernatural abilities, it is easy to imagine a comedic rapport developing between him and Batman as the two constantly try to outwit each other and diminish the other's accomplishments. Hopefully audiences will see this play out soon.

8 The Lanterns

Most everybody is familiar with the name Green Lantern, but only two types of people know the organization's backstory. The first type are the fans of the character who have read the comics. The second type are any of the unfortunate souls who went to theaters to see the atrocious dumpster fire that was the 2011 Green Lantern movie. That movie has since been swept under the rug and a reboot is planned to fit right into the DCEU. What some may not have noticed, however, is that The Lanterns have already been featured in the epic film franchise.

Like several of the entries on this list, a Green Lantern is briefly featured in The Justice League's flashback to Steppenwolf's first battle on earth.

Unfortunately for this particular lantern, he gets taken out fairly quickly by the powerful villain and the ring jettisons off to find a new bearer. That's the last mention of the group, but it heavily foreshadows the Green Lantern's inclusion, which will come in the form of 2020's Green Lanterns Corp.

Given the notoriety of Green Lantern, it's a no brainer that the hero should be included in the DCEU. Hopefully they do better than the 2011 film.

7 Zatanna

Zatanna from DC Comics

There are several films far out on the horizon that may take a long time to reach the shore, one of which is the Justice League Dark film. The film is said to be in the planning stages, though nothing about it is concrete. However, one can take a gander at the characters that will appear in the film based on the supernatural group's lineup in the comics. One of the most beloved characters of the group is the magician Zatanna, so WB would be foolish not to include her. In fact, her existence in the DCEU is already proven if one knows where to look.

In the DCEU tie in book Time Out Shortlist Gotham and Metropolis, there are two indications of the character. The first is an advertisement for her father's magic shop, and the second is when they talk about the Gotham club Vesuvius and the book says that Zatanna frequently performs there.

Given the popularity of the character, it makes complete sense why they would foreshadow her inclusion in the films. Fans will surely be overjoyed when they finally get to see her first proper appearance on the big screen. Until then, they'll have to feed their enthusiasm with the book.

6 Jenet Klyburn

Jena-Malone in BatmanVSuperman

Batman v Superman's theatrical release left some fairly important details on the cutting room floor that severely hurt that version's quality. One of the elements left out was Jena Malone's character, who was heavily thought to be Barbara Gordon. While this turned out to untrue, the character is an important part of the superhero team, while she maybe not outright be a superhero herself.

In the comics, Jenet Klyburn is a scientist who works for S.T.A.R. Labs. She has no super powers, nor does she have to resources to outfit herself in hero gear like Batman, but she is always at the ready to assist and help the heroes accomplish their tasks. In BvS, her part was heavily reduced to that of a weapons expert who helps Lois Lane with her investigation. It's a large difference from her comic book counterpart, but at least she was played by a known name such as Jena Malone.

It is doubtful that she will make a return in the movies, but anything is possible. Perhaps she'll be recruited by S.T.A.R. Labs and take on a more vital position in the activities of the Justice League and other various superheroes. If this does happen, fingers crossed that Malone will still be there to play the part.

5 DC's First Wave

First Wave

There is a scene in David Ayer's Suicide Squad where the group takes a brief moment's respite from all of the chaos in a bar. This particular bar's name is The Golden Tree. While the name may not ring a bell in any casual viewer's head, hardcore fans of the comic mythology certainly had their attention aroused if they managed to catch the name.

Golden Tree is a powerful organization that often serves as the main antagonist of DC's First Wave, a relatively recent comic book line that consists of old pulp fiction characters such as Doc Savage, The Avenger, The Spirit, and even Batman. The Golden Tree's main mission is the betterment of society through technology and innovation, but they often utilize questionable methods. Maybe the bar's name in Suicide Squad is purely a subtle Easter Egg, but it could also be a hint at the group's existence in that world.

In the comics, First Wave is separate from the main canon. However, there is no reason why the characters can't have their own stories in the DCEU. With that being said, Doc Savage is already getting a film from Iron Man 3 director Shane Black and Sony Pictures, so it will obviously not be a part of the current franchise.

4 Green Arrow

Green Arrow in Justice League No Justice #2

Blue Beetle was not the only character teased in the Wired interview with Lex Luthor. Along with Kord Industries, Lex also makes mention of Queen Industries. Queen Industries, of course, refers to Oliver Queen, the wealthy business man who dons a costume and puts his archery skills to use in order to fight crime as the Green Arrow.

The article relays that Queen is becoming more elusive and less interested in military contracts, hinting that Green Arrow will come sooner than we realize.

While Green Arrow himself was used to kick off an entirely separate television universe with CW's Arrow, the popularity of the character means viewers can definitely expect a big screen version of him. Like with Flash, he will also more than likely be played by someone other than Stephen Amell. Charlie Hunnam, most famous for Sons of Anarchy, has expressed heavy interest in playing Oliver Queen and seems to have what it takes to pull the character off.

The question remains though, how would he fight side by side with super powered beings when all he has are skills with a bow and arrow? The Arrowverse manages to handle it well, so WB should take notes from the way they handle it.

3 Orana

As they old saying goes, "No one passes in comics except Uncle Ben and Jason Todd (now just Uncle Ben)". While this is mostly true, it did not apply to some of Themyscira's residence, namely Orana, who took the title of Wonder Woman from Diana before meeting her unfortunate fate shortly after. This occurred in the late 1970s and she has not been brought back since. However, oddly enough, she already showed up in the DCEU.

The character's first, and most likely only, appearance was in 2017's Wonder Woman. She is one of the many women fighting on the beach of Themyscira when the Germans land on the island's shore. Not dissimilar to her comic book version, Orana is quickly taken down during the battle and never brought up again. Her name is not even mentioned, so one has to look at the credits in order to find out she was even in the movie.

As irrelevant of a character she may have been, Wonder Woman herself must be glad she already bit the dust. This way, there will be no one to challenge Diana for the title of Wonder Woman. Poor Orana, on the other hand, as she never got to have her day of glory.

2 Batgirl

Along with Batman, every body knows the other famous bat themed hero that sometimes fights besides him. Batgirl was introduced to readers in the 1960s and was a prominent character in DC lore until she was paralyzed by Joker in Alan Moore's The Killing Joke. She did eventually come back as Oracle, helping out many of the heroes with her advanced hacking and computer skills.

Batgirl's real name is Barbara Gordon, meaning she is the daughter of Gotham City Police Commissioner Jim Gordon. Since Jim Gordon is in the DCEU played by J.K. Simmons, it stands to reason that Barbara Gordon already exists in this world. Perhaps she has already donned her suit and taken baby steps into the vigilante world. Batgirl and Birds of Prey films are already in the works, so it seems obvious that they would go with the Barbara Gordon version of Batgirl.

Now the question is if they will eventually turn Batgirl into Oracle. Alan Moore himself has expressed regret over his handling of the character in The Killing Joke, making her a simple plot device rather than a fleshed out person. Perhaps these films would be a good opportunity to borrow elements from that story and do more justice for the character.

1 Shazam

In 2019, audiences will be treated to Shazam, starring Zachary Levi as the titular hero in his adult form. It will be the first time the character appears in film since the 1940s serial, though there was also a television show in the 1970s. He was the first superhero to ever appear on film, so it is odd that he has never shown up again until now. However, it is possible that Billy Batson has already appeared in the DCEU.

Justice League begins with a group of kids interviewing Superman and on of the kids in the scene is calling another kid Billy.

It is entirely possible that this is Billy Batson who eventually finds the wizard who grants him the ability to transform into Shazam. In the interview, he may sound like a small child, but the clip itself may be from several years before Shazam will take place.

It may seem like a stretch to think the child in the video is the Billy Batson, but film franchises like these are known to drop subtle clues about future movies years in advance. Maybe when Shazam drops next April, audiences will find out if that really was Billy interviewing Superman.


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