Removing The Snyder Movies From Canon Solves The DCEU's Problems

Aquaman And Shazam Become The 'First" Modern Day New DCEU Movies

Director James Wan has already stated that Aquaman will be a standalone story and will not feature any Justice League cameos. This is perfect for the Multiverse plan; if there are any Easter eggs or references to Justice League, they can just be edited out before the film's release in December to keep Aquaman self-contained. This would let Aquaman establish Arthur Curry and his undersea kingdom as part of the New DCEU and it would eliminate the Justice League plot hole of Atlanteans creating air bubbles so they can speak underwater, which Wan isn't doing in his film. Since it's the next DC movie to be released, Aquaman would become the first New DCEU film set in the modern day.

Shazam! is a bit more complicated; Superman's example is what Billy Batson follows to be a superhero and there are also plenty of DCEU Easter eggs in the film. However, sans a Henry Cavill Superman appearance, these can easily be contextualized as references to events that happened in the New DCEU. Simply give Superman's planned cameo to Gal Gadot so that Wonder Woman is the hero who gives Billy an attaboy, which would mark Diana Prince's first modern-day appearance in the New DCEU.

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Every New DCEU Movie That Follows Gets A Clean Slate

Harley Quinn Birds of Prey

Matt Reeves' The Batman can reintroduce the Dark Knight as a younger hero without any of the hassles of whether the new actor cast as the Dark Knight lines up with the older version Ben Affleck played. This also frees the new Batman from the burden of sharing the stage with and possibly being overshadowed by Affleck. Reeves' Batman simply becomes the New DCEU's Batman and this allows for the potential Bat-Family films like Nightwing and Batgirl to organically join the universe without having to worry about synching up with Snyder's continuity, like the dead Robin in Ben Affleck's Batcave.

Birds of Prey is reportedly a top priority at Warners, and that all-female team-up can now become the first appearance of Harley Quinn, who can still be played by Margot Robbie. The problematic Suicide Squad can be left behind, and that includes Jared Leto's Joker, which was not a well-received version of the character. Rather, if Joaquin Phoenix's Joker movie proves to be popular with fans, he could then potentially become the New DCEU's Joker. (However, it's unclear whether the Joaquin version would contextually fit in with the mainline DCEU. If not, Leto can return as the Joker, but re-imagined into a version more fitting with how DC fans prefer the character.)

Supergirl is another big focus of the studio, and the Girl of Steel's solo film will reportedly be set in the 1970s. This suits the New DCEU perfectly; there would be no need to retcon how Supergirl could have been on Earth 35 years before the Kryptonian invasion in Man of Steel - they simply happened in different universes. The Multiverse also gives Warners the leeway to take their time to figure out what to do with Superman; whether to bring back Henry Cavill or recast the role and introduce a new Man of Steel into the New DCEU.

The Flash Can Later Unite The Multiverse

Ezra Miller as The Flash in Justice League

The Flash can ultimately be the key to reward fans of Zack Snyder's movies. Whatever direction the Fastest Man Alive's solo film eventually takes, it would be a mind-blowing crowd-pleaser for fans if Barry Allen discovers he can cross dimensions at Superspeed, and then he discovers the Multiverse and meets the version of himself from Justice League. This would drop the curtain on the Multiverse, revealing there were two worlds all along!

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The Flash crossing Earths would also alleviate bad feelings from fans about the DCEU ignoring Zack Snyder's work moving forward. It would establish that his films did happen and indeed 'count' while also letting the New DCEU have its cake and eat it too. With a Multiverse, fans get the best of both worlds; the New DCEU gets a necessary clean slate to build a new, brighter, more hopeful universe that doesn't need to overcome the past darkness of Zack Snyder's films, but it also creates the potential to intersect with the SnyderVerse sometime in the future.

This is admittedly an ambitious, complex plan, but the rewards could be great. Everyone wins with the Multiverse, especially DC fans, but the first step for Warner Bros. is cutting the cord from Zack Snyder's continuity and creating a New DCEU.

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Key Release Dates
  • Aquaman (2018) release date: Dec 21, 2018
  • Shazam! (2019) release date: Apr 05, 2019
  • Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) release date: Jun 05, 2020
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