10 Hilarious DCEU Logic Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

The DCEU has its share of popular movies to date. And, of course, they have Batman. But there's been some question as to whether or not they can get their slate of films in order, much like MCU has done. Despite the seemingly erratic way DCEU releases movies and changes casts, there's plenty to like about what they have gotten to market. First off, Wonder Woman was a surprise mega-hit at the box office as well as a critic darling.

All of this has generated a fair amount of memes for and against the DCEU, a number of which are pretty hilarious. Here are 10 Hilarious DCEU Logic Memes Only True Fans Will Understand.

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To be fair, the DCEU did have some good movies before Wonder Woman, but this was the one that knocked it out of the park. Many fans enjoyed the movie and critics raved about it. It even came as a surprise to the studio, how well it did.

There was a lot of pressure on Patty Jenkins to deliver, but she stated she wasn't expecting the cord that it struck with so many. Still, this meme is hilarious, considering there was a lot of talk that the movie wouldn't do well, and it did so well that it's become the standard-bearer for all other DCEU movies.


Look, here. Leave Batman alone! Seriously, though, this meme is funny. All that tech, and he usually just growls. How has he not lost his voice, scratching his vocal cords like that? But that's part of his intimidation technique. He is the night! As much as it's a tactic to get the bad guys in line, it can be argued that it also serves as a connection to his inner Bat, man. Let's not forget, Batman did extensive training in all aspects, not just his body. His mind, his will, all of it is connected. Not to be outdone, though, Stephen Amell's Green Arrow is pretty intimidating in his own right.


Ok, technically the Arrowverse isn't the DCEU, but this is too funny to ignore! What are the odds, amIright? The fact that “Malfoy” is in yet another franchise about a powered person with a lightning bolt symbol is too funny. Of course, this is probably one of the reasons Tom Felton was chosen for the role, and a good reason at that. It joins the two (Harry Potter and The Flash) in a hilarious way.

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Also, since he does bad-guy things in both, that's a bonus. Though, arguably, Malfoy was a less sympathetic character overall. Julian's relationship with Barry was probably a little less acrimonious, though the opposite can be argued as well. Ah, good times.


Don't “at” us, okay? Truth is truth, and as much as we enjoy both Marvel and DCEU movies, it's no secret and can't be denied that the MCU just has better organization when it comes to the order and releasing of their films. It's funny because it's true. Now, people can get up in arms about it, or just enjoy the fact that DCEU still releases enjoyable movies, and so does Marvel. It's a win-win, and pointing out some of the differences is good for a harmless (but accurate) laugh. That said, can you imagine if Marvel really did release those movies in that order? What craziness!

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Look, we all know that the DCEU is known for having darker movies than Marvel (literally and figuratively – except for the uplifting, fun romp that is Shazam. And with Marvel, you could argue they have some darkness up their sleeves too, obviously).

And that's good! They have different styles. This meme is funny because the intense action of the films is capped off, usually, so differently for each studio. We would say that there's nothing like a good shawarma after an intense life or death fight, though. Nom, nom, nom. But, whatever floats your boat! Both are good, and this meme nails it.


Ok, there have been some good Lex representations with hair through the ages. John Shea's Lex was absolutely fantastic in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. But, we have to say that Michael Rosenbaum's turn as Lex in Smallville makes a great case for this argument. As this article points out, his was hands down one of the best Lex performances the Superman franchise ever had. Stan Lee even stated as much.

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His performance was beyond amazing, and seeing Lex as anything other than bald after that is really tough. Not that there haven't been other great performances, but his is definitely at the top of the list. But maybe it can be argued that, given it was just as much his skill as it was a well-written role, he could have played the part to the hilt with hair or without. Still, we prefer the way it was done and wouldn't change a thing.


Poor Barry, always getting blamed for everything, again. Well, if he'd just stop messing with the timeline, there wouldn't be a problem, now would there? The thing is, so far, the DCEU film version of Barry hasn't screwed up the timeline. It can be argued he's just a different Barry from a different timeline, and Arrowverse Barry just... well, he just can't help but mess with that timeline and get everything all scrambled up. But it's hilarious to point out and makes for some interesting plots! Who can forget Flashpoint? It was certainly a highlight. As for what's going on in this meme, well, for once it looks like it all worked out!


The hilarity here is this argument is entirely up to opinion (though they all are, aren't they?). There are fans who prefer DCEU to Marvel and vice versa. And now, of course, Marvel does have the rights to all of their characters. Whether or not they “use them properly” remains to be seen, as major storylines in the MCU with the X-Men haven't been fully rolled out yet. But given Marvel's track record overall, that's not likely to be a problem. So, if this meme is like an Epic Rap Battle of History, the real question left up to the fans is, “Who won? Who's next? You decide!”


Look, this meme might be funny, but it is definitely controversial. Everyone has their own opinions about the DCEU, and which movies were good or bad - but there's definitely some critic consensus about Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad being far from the best that DC has to offer on the big screen. Either way, who doesn't love a good Drake alternatives meme?


If there's one thing about secret identities, it's that they're supposed to be secret. In the MCU? Not so much. People going by their real first and last names, throwing parties, just in general exposing their non-superhero sides all over the place. As this meme hilariously points out, in the DCEU? Yeah, the opposite of that for these two. For some reason, putting your hair in a bun and putting on a pair of glasses makes you unrecognizable. One assumes that extends to facial recognition technology as well. Does this make the movies any less enjoyable? Not at all. But it sure is funny to point out.

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