DCEU Plot Holes Created By Aquaman

Justice League's Air Bubble Doesn't Make Sense

Plot Hole Level: Undeniable

It was the biggest question on every comic book fan's mind after the Aquaman movie was announced: how are characters going to talk underwater? And the first answer offered up in Arthur and Mera's meeting in Justice League was a massive disappointment. Mera formed a giant bubble of air underwater so she and Aquaman could talk in front of a green screen. And almost immediately, director James Wan confirmed that there would be no air bubbles in his Aquaman movie.

The optimistic fans assumed that the green screen/air bubble was the result of Joss Whedon and WB's glaring reshoots, scrapping Aquaman's deleted Justice League story for this one exposition dump, without the time or budget to make it underwater. The Aquaman movie has confirmed it, since Atlantean don't need air bubbles to talk. They just... talk, as easily as if they were doing it in air or water.

How Did Aquaman Hold Back Water in Justice League?

Plot Hole Level: Undeniable

The Aquaman movie explains that the trident-- sorry, quindent that Arthur Curry wields isn't just a random weapon of Atlantis, nor is it the true "trident" of King Atlan, which denotes the ruler of Atlantis. It is the weapon which belonged to his mother Atlanna, the weapon of royalty which she left behind when returning to Atlantis, and the weapon which Vulko trained Arthur to wield from adolescence. But what doesn't get explained is why that quindent is shown to have a new superpower in the Justice League movie.

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When Aquaman comes to the rescue of the budding Justice League in the tunnels beneath Gotham Harbor, he chooses the last possible moment, as a wave of water rushes towards the heroes. Bursting out, Aquaman smashes his mother's quindent into the concrete with a flash of light, plants his feet, and lets out a war cry as he holds back the torrent for the seconds they need to escape. A power not explained in either that movie or Aquaman, in which Atlanna's quindent is just a quindent, and not the kind of Atlantean tool to control water that it needed to be for this moment it make any sense at all.

Aquaman Hates His Mother... Wait, No He Doesn't

Plot Hole Level: Contradictory, But Not Massive

As much as we hate to return to Mera and Arthur's air bubble, the actual dialogue exchanged between the two future Aquaman stars poses another problem. Whether or not this scene was always intended to be the first time they meet, Mera knows of Arthur before he arrives. She was taken into Queen Atlanna's home, she explains, and therefore takes offense when Arthur speaks ill of his mother. He doesn't mince words, either, saying that "your 'Queen' left me on my father's doorstep and never gave me another thought."

Those words from Arthur will be singled out by fans looking for questions that Aquaman doesn't answer. And rightfully so, since Arthur's standalone movie gives a clear, but notably different reason for hating Atlantis. Not because his mother came from Atlantis, but because his mother was killed by Atlantis. Does anger explain why Arthur - who has grown up hating Atlantis for killing his mother as punishment for having him - would insult her as a terrible mother to irritate Mera? Some will make the argument... but it stands out as a line that the Aquaman in his own movie just wouldn't speak.

When Would Atlantis Have Warred With Amazons?

Wonder Woman and Aquaman

Plot Hole Level: This One Might Just Be on Whedon

The addition of sexual jokes and language took heat from DC fans, and even more when a closer look at how much Joss Whedon changed Justice League confirmed they were his additions, and not Snyder's. But within one such scene also lies something of a plot hole in the making. At least, for those trying to understand what is true about Aquaman's description of Atlantis, and what is lies on top of other lies. Because when Aquaman observes how physically attractive Wonder Woman is before the big Justice League battle, he admits that "I know we went to war with the Amazons... but that was before my time."

Since Arthur isn't shown speaking the line, it's possible it was originally used in reference to Atlantis and the Amazons being allies. But as it stands now, the line implies a war between Atlantis and the Amazons which Arthur is willing to put aside for Diana's beauty just as much - which doesn't fit with the peaceful, isolationist Atlantis shown in Vulko's history lesson. Yet the line will continue to nag those assembling a history of the DCEU. For everyone else... it's probably best to put this line, and this scene, out of their mind.

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