20 Most Attractive DCEU Characters

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the gorgeous beautiful characters of the DCEU. Full disclosure: the following is a highly technical, purely empirical analysis of these gorgeous DCEU characters' ridiculous attractiveness.

It should be noted that this article pertains specifically to attractive characters, not to the actors who play them. In other words, the marked absence of Jared Leto from the list does not mean that Jared Leto is unattractive. It merely means that his metal-mouthed Joker is not attractive-- seriously, it's gross.

You can consider the evidence presented and draw your own conclusions from the data with regards to each character's ridiculous good looks. While we do not claim to be impartial, we do aspire to impartiality. Again, you alone can determine for yourself whether or not you personally believe that these characters are the most attractive characters you've ever seen in your entire life.

There are so many DCEU characters, and a lot of them are such lookers. Unfortunately, due to time and space constraints, we cannot include all possible candidates. We apologize in advance. For science, we will now catalogue the top twenty prettiest characters in the DCEU.

Please enjoy our list of the 20 Most Attractive Characters In The DCEU, in no particular order.

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20 Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad espresso

Harley Quinn even makes a prison jumpsuit look good. She started out as Harlene Quinzel, a psychiatrist who got a little too close to her work. Oddly, she fell under the spell of Jared Leto's gross green-haired metal-toothed Joker.

She smuggled a machine into the asylum-- true love makes you crazy sometimes. While we personally don't see the appeal, we respect her choice. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Then again, so is crazy.

On the prowl with Task Force X, her shirt of choice-- Daddy's Lil Monster-- tells you what's going on in that crooked little heart of hers. What isn't attractive about Harley Quinn-- aside from the criminal tendencies and plethora of emotional and psychological issues?

Margot Robbie can be seen outside of the DCEU in The Wolf of Wall Street and the Tanya Harding biopic I, Tonya. She will be most likely be appearing in DCEU's Suicide Squad 2.

19 Katana

Suicide Squad Katana Actress Interview

Katana is fierce with a sword and easy on the eyes. She's very, very attractive-- just don't cross her. She wields the Soultaker, a mystical samurai sword created in the 14th Century by swordmaker Murasama Sengo.

Her sword traps the souls of its victims, an intriguing detail that opens up the DCEU to a host of theological questions beyond the scope of this article. Trapped within her blade is the soul of her dead husband.

In the comics, Katana is a compelling antiheroine, even serving as a member of the Justice League, but it's Fukuhara's DCEU take on the character that really resonates with audiences.

Karen Fukuhara can be seen outside the DCEU in Stray. Her latest DCEU movie is Suicide Squad.

18 Venelia

Venelia plays a role in the battle between German soldiers and Amazons on Themyscira in Wonder Woman. She also participates in the defense of Themyscira against Steppenwolf and his Parademons in Justice League.

She isn't on-screen for long in either movie, but you can't miss her. Even among the other ridiculously good-looking Amazons, she's a stunner. She's a skilled combatant, who survived both movies-- which is something that can't be said for other Amazonian warriors, unfortunately.

Venelia might not appear in the limelight all that often but she is an integral member of the Amazons. Also, did we mention that she's gorgeous?

Doutzen Kroes can be seen outside of the DCEU in a variety of Victoria's Secret ads and strutting her stuff on the catwalk. Her latest DCEU movie is Justice League.

17 June Moone

Suicide Squad Deleted June Moon Scene

Intrepid archeologist June Moone has the misfortune of becoming the human vessel of Enchantress, an evil spirit who aspires to conquer the world. Portrayed by Cara Delevingne, she doesn't want to be Enchantress's tool.

Unfortunately, you can't will away the influence of evil magic. Enchantress uses June to betray Amanda Waller and wage war on Task Force X and humans in general. Under Enchantress's spell, she is still super-pretty (in a kind of creepy gothic sort of way), but as June Moone, she is utterly adorable, albeit heartbreakingly tormented by the evil spirit.

Cara Delevigne can be seen outside of the DCEU in Anna Karenina, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, and other movies. She is perhaps best known as a fashion model for Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, and other designers.

16 Steve Trevor

Wonder Woman - Chris Pine as Steve Trevor

Steve Trevor's handsome visage and worldliness make him the perfect foil for Diana. Portrayed by Chris Pine, he is suave yet humble, capable yet modest. He washes ashore on Themyscira amid the raging Great War and finds himself staring at the business end of an Amazon's arrow.

Subsequently, he endures some Truth-Lasso-assisted interrogation before winning the Amazons' qualified trust. Steve Trevor's selfless sacrifice at the end of Wonder Woman remains one of the best moments in all the DCEU.

Diana's beau goes out in a blaze of glory. In the audience, everybody who wasn't swooning was wiping away a tear for the fallen hero.

Chris Pine can be seen outside of the DCEU in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek series, Z for Zacariah and 2018's A Wrinkle in Time

15 Barry Allen

Ezra Miller as Barry Allen The Flash in the Justice League Trailer

Played by Ezra Miller, Barry Allen barreled across the screen and stumbled into audiences' hearts. The rambunctious speedster adds some much-needed levity to Zack Snyder's misery march through the DC universe.

Some fans were skeptical when they found out that Justice League's Barry would vary substantially from Grant Gustin's Barry but most of the naysayers were pleasantly surprised the hyper-metabolic hyperactive hero.

The fact that Miller and Henry Cavill got The Flash and Superman's supersonic rivalry (of handsomeness) so right is just more proof of the speedster's charm. What other superhero would dare to challenge the Man of Steel to a race?

Ezra Miller can be seen outside of the DCEU in We Need To Talk About Kevin, The Perks of Being a Wallflower and the Fantastic Beasts series. Miller's latest DCEU movie is Justice League. Like his character, he shows no sign of slowing down.

14 Alfred Pennyworth

Jeremy Irons as Alfred in Batman v Superman

We'll say it: Alfred Pennyworth is dashing. Portrayed by Jeremy Irons, he's also super-useful and an active help with fighting crime. He isn't simply a butler or a glorified father figure like in the comics.

He is a serious help, a veritable sidekick. He's also a hacker, or at least a techie, and thus a skilled member of the team. Without Alfred's tech savvy, Batman would have had a much harder time while trying to steal Lex Luthor's metahumans data.

Alfred remotely controls Batman's vehicles, too, something you can't really see the previous on-screen versions of the Bat's butler doing.

Legendary actor Jeremy Irons can be seen in a ton of movies such as Dead Ringers and The French Lietenant's Woman opposite Meryl Streep. His turn as Hans Gruber's avenging brother in Die Hard With A Vengeance is a fan favorite. 

13 Antiope

Antiope is Diana's aunt. Portrayed by Robin Wright, she trains her in combat, against her mother Hippolyta's will. Adorned in her signature gold-and-brown headpiece, Antiope is a fierce fighter and positively stunning. 

She's the sort of Amazon who fires three arrows at once at three separate targets and hits every one of them. Antiope teaches Diana about what makes the Princess unique-- her God-Killer status. 

Robin Wright has played iconic roles outside of the DCEU. In Forrest Gump, she played Jenny. In The Princess Bride, she played Buttercup. More recently, in the American version of House of Cards, she stars as Claire Underwood, the main character of the show's upcoming final season.

Her latest DCEU movie is Justice League, in which she has an uncredited cameo, according to her IMDb page.

12 Faora

Antje Traue in Man of Steel
Antje Traue in Man of Steel

Man of Steel catches a lot of flak but one big asset is Faora, Zod's devastatingly beautiful second in command. As portrayed by Antje Traue, she kicks Kryptonian keister with ease.

Her allegiance to Zod is admirable in its own way. Her combat-ready getup is stylishly futuristic and her skills with a blaster are second to none. She also brings down a freaking helicopter with alien kung fu.

Foara is proof that the alien planet is home to pretty humanoids of all genders, and they're all ridiculously dangerous on the battlefield. She fights hard but she ultimately ends up vanquished to the Phantom Zone.

Antje Traue can be seen outside of the DCEU in Pandorum, 5 Days of War and Bye Bye Germany.

11 Lois Lane

Lois Lane is the Daily Planet's star reporter. Her fate is inextricably tied to Superman's. As played by Amy Adams, Lois is a confident, competent reporter. She is driven, intelligent, and quite lucky.

She is also ridiculously attractive. She is the reason that Superman learns to smile a little more. She's also an important asset on the battlefield, helping Superman retrieve the Kryptonite spear to kill Doomsday. Without her help, the heroes might not have survived Dawn of Justice

Amy Adams can be seen outside of the DCEU in Arrival, American Hustle, Catch Me If You Can, and Nocturnal Animals. This two-time Golden Globe-winner and five-time Oscar nominee has a ton of talent. Her latest DCEU movie is Justice League.

10 Hippolyta

Hippolyta is Diana's mother. As played by Connie Nielsen, she is a regal, elegant, and just awesome. She is also one attractive matriarch. Hippolyta quarrels with her sister Antiope over whether to train Diana for war, wanting to protect the Princess from her destiny as the God Killer.

Simply put, she doesn't want to have to give her daughter up to the outside world. In Justice League, Hippolyta fights Steppenwolf and defends the Mother Box from him and his deadly Parademons. 

Connie Nielsen can be seen outside of the DCEU in Gladiator, The Devil's Advocate opposite Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino, and 3 Days to Kill with costar Kevin Costner, known in DCEU parlance as Jonathan Kent. She last appeared in DCEU's Justice League.

9 Captain Boomerang

Jai Courtney in the Suicide Squad Extended Cut
Jai Courtney in the Suicide Squad Extended Cut

Captain Boomerang is a danger to himself and others, and more than a little out of his mind, but those things don't disqualify him from being attractive in a scruffy sort of way. Some moviegoers needed to see him his underwear before they could be certain, though others liked him in the coat-- we aren't here to judge.

Played by Jai Courtney, Captain Boomerang has a plan to escape Task Force X. His dedication to villainy is impressive, and so is his knack for talking his way into and out of dangerous situations.

He convinces Slipknot (played by Adam Beach) that the explosives they were injected with and the transmitter collars on their necks are decoys. They make a run for it. In an homage to the comics, Slipknot's hubris causes him to lose his head.

Jai Courtney can be seen outside of the DCEU in Divergent and Terminator: Genysis. His latest DCEU film is Suicide Squad.

8 Deadshot

Deadshot (Will Smith) Aims His Wrist Guns in Suicide Squad

Deadshot's job is killing folks for money, so he isn't a hero. In fact, he's a bad guy, for sure, but he sure makes villainy look good, doesn’t he? As played by Will Smith, the hitman who never misses is a heck of a handsome devil.

Unlike your average hitman, Deadshot at least tries to do the right thing. His daughter refuses to let him kill the Caped Crusader when he has the chance, and off he goes to prison, putting him on track to join-- and eventually become the reluctant leader of Task Force X. His reward? A brief visit with his daughter followed immediately by a trip back to the big house.

A one-man entertainment industry, Will Smith has been in a ton of movies outside the DCEU, everything from Ali to After Earth and Independence Day to Hancock.

7 Bruce Wayne

Ben Affleck - Batman v Superman

What's so attractive about this Bruce Wayne? He's wounded yet powerful. Also, did you see how much he can lift in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice? He uses chains and enormous weights to work out. The guy's fit. He's fit and he's rich.

Plus, you can't deny there's something about the way he broods that's, well, attractive. So, billionaire playboy fights crime at night. What else? He even has a sob story about watching his parents get murdered right in front of him and then growing up an orphan.

Ben Affleck can be seen outside of the DCEU in a ton of different movies such as Chasing Amy, Argo, The TownDaredevil (not the good one, the other one) and, of course, Good Will Hunting for which he and co-writer Matt Damon won Oscars. (You might know him from the ruthless Sad Affleck meme.)

6 El Diablo

El Diablo is not conventionally attractive, on account of the facial tattoos, but you can't deny the appeal of his bone structure. Plus, he has a good heart. He isn't a remorseless monster.

He's remorseful of the damage he has incurred upon those around him-- he accidentally murders his own family. Horrified by his own explosive powers, he swears off fighting. The human flamethrower turns into a pacifist in prison, only to bring the fire against the Enchantress and her monstrous minions.

Jay Hernandez can be seen outside of the DCEU in Bad Moms, Hostel, Friday Night Lights, and the ever-underrated dramedy Crazy/Beautiful opposite Kirsten Dunst. His latest DCEU film is Suicide Squad-- considering how it ended for his character, it's likely his last one too.

5 Superman

The original draft of this article just had "Superman" listed ten times and Clark Kent listed ten times. More than any Superman in history, the DCEU's Man of Steel truly looks the part.

As played by Henry Cavill, Superman is a brooding alien--at first. Then he meets the equally gorgeous Lois Lane and learns to take himself a little less seriously. However, first he punches General Zod through like forty skyscrapers, punches Doomsday into space, endures a nuclear blast, and gets revived by a Mother Box... Let's just say he takes the long way to mellowness.

Henry Cavill can be seen outside the DCEU in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and The Cold Light of Day, as well as many others. Cavill's training regimen for the Superman role is the stuff of legend, bolstered by his refusal to use artificial muscle enhancements. Neither the mustache nor the CGI anti-mustache can undo that.

4 GQ Edwards

Suicide Squad Navy SEALS including GQ

GQ Edwards is Rick Flag's right-hand man. As played by Scott Eastwood (who looks so much like his father Clint it's ridiculous), GQ Edwards is one cool-headed handsome cat.

He needs to have a cool head and a steady hand to keep super-criminals like Harley Quinn and Deadshot walking the straight and narrow. When the mission goes south, GQ Edwards plays a pivotal role in wrangling Amanda Waller's team of killers. Ultimately, he dies a hero, incinerated in the explosion that kills El Diablo and secures the squad's victory over the Enchantress.

Outside of the DCEU, Scott Eastwood can be seen in Fate of the Furious, The Longest Ride and Overdrive. You might've seen him in that Taylor Swift video a while back. His latest DCEU movie is Suicide Squad.

3 Martha Kent

Batman V Superman Martha Kent

The DCEU's Martha Kent has still got it, for sure. Superman's adoptive mother is easy on the eyes, with charm to spare. Her one-liners are some of the best in all the DCEU.

No weepy widow and certainly not a damsel in distress, Martha is as tough as nails and resilient in even the toughest situations. When Zod tries to intimidate her, she insults him and stands her ground.

Outside of the DCEU, Diane Lane can be seen in Unfaithful, Under The Tuscan Sun and a bunch of movies from the 1980s and 1990s. Her performance as Judge Hershey in the 1995 trashfire Judge Dredd is perhaps the only reason to watch that movie. Her latest DCEU movie is Justice League.

2 Aquaman

Now, the DCEU's Aquaman is a handsome devil from the depths. Musclebound, tattooed, and rough around the edges, this bearded Atlantean wields the Trident of Neptune with ease, slaying Parademon after Parademon and looking mighty good doing it.

It seems like this Aquaman is not yet King, and his manners are definitely not regal. On the contrary, he's kind of a jerk, to be honest-- though he makes up for it in other ways. It is little known that Aquaman's shark-tooth tattoos are based on actor Jason Mamoa's own tattoo.

Outside of the DCEU, Jason Momoa can be seen in Sugar Mountain, Once Upon A Time in Venice and Netflix's underrated Frontier series. Of course, he's best known for his work as Khal Drogo, the Dothraki leader who woos Daenerys Targaryen and slays scores of unlucky souls in HBO's Game of Thrones.

1 Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in Justice League

Wonder Woman is gorgeous, inquisitive, intelligent, and incredibly dangerous. She is the Amazonian Princess we never knew was missing in our lives. Seriously, if the DCEU's Wonder Woman doesn't make you swoon, you should get your eyes checked.

With her Lasso of Truth, she gets to the heart of the matter, skirting the small stuff. As played by Gal Gadot, the DCEU's Diana is the quintessential take on the character-- bold, beautiful, confident and complex.

Following her battle with Ares, she lost faith in humanity. Don't worry, though. She got it back right when the world needed her most and helped Superman, Cyborg, Batman, Aquaman, and the Flash defeat the Parademons.

Gal Gadot can be seen outside of the DCEU in EntourageFast and the Furious 6, and Keeping Up With The Joneses. Her latest DCEU movie is Justice League. She'll reprise her role in Wonder Woman 2.


Are there any other DCEU characters that we forgot? Who do you think is the most attractive? Let us know in the comments!

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