The DCEU's Future Includes a 'Wide Spectrum' of Movies

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Justice League stars Gal Gadot and Ezra Miller are promising a "wide spectrum" of movies in the future for the DC Extended Universe. With the release of the DC superhero gathering Justice League less than a week away, the anticipation of the film is rising to a fever pitch, as fans will finally get an opportunity to experience an evolution from the darker atmosphere of Man of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Interviews with various Justice League cast members have suggested varying degrees of which type of tone the movie will be, which skews toward a lighter take, according to cast members like Ben Affleck and Gadot, as well as Miller. Producer Charles Roven adds a clarification, though, as he says while Justice League is the lightest of director Zack Snyder's three superhero films, "that doesn't mean it's a comedy," and Henry Cavill says that calling the film "light" would be an "injustice."

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Whatever the case may be, it appears that after this gathering of Justice League members Batman (Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gadot), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), The Flash (Miller), Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and eventually, Superman (Cavill), the tone of future movies in the DCEU will be in a state of flux. In an interview for Justice League with the Toronto Sun, Miller and Gadot outlined where they think the movie they think the DCEU will go from here. Miller says:

What’s super dope with DC right now is how its movies have played with very different tones. Obviously, there’s been commentary and thought about DC movies going forward. But what I think is really amazing is the variety that’s at play and how DC is really aiming to provide a wide spectrum of movies and to use these characters to tell a lot of different stories in a lot of different ways. There will be funny movies, frightening movies, deeply serious dramas and then movies like our film, which I think balances those tones in a new, interesting and compelling manner. That diversity in the way these heroes will be featured is really exciting.

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Gadot agreed, saying the expansion of the storyline from the Man of Steel and the Caped Crusader to additional famed characters in the DCEU simply presents much more room for different types of stories. There's no doubt Wonder Woman's solo movie proved that there's room for a blend of tones, given the film's expert mix of action, drama, and comedy. She says:

The DC movies we were exposed to earlier explored Batman and Superman. I think now we’re bringing new, exciting characters who are very different from each other and every one of them has a unique flavor and story and background that I think is going to make (the DCEU) very interesting.

While fans and critics' thoughts about Justice League are right around the corner (reviews for the film are expected to break Tuesday afternoon), it will be interesting to see in what manner the tonal shifts in the DCEU play out in the immediate futures. Aquaman, for instance, seems like its priming itself for a lighter tone, at least judging by the title character's persona in the Justice League trailers and clips.

Plus, you have to believe that Justice League co-filmmaker Joss Whedon's involvement in future DCEU films, including Batgirl. Given Whedon's penchant for lighter superhero fare with his previous involvement in Marvel's Avengers movies, there's no doubt that his influence will be felt in many aspects of the DCEU going forward.

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Source: Toronto Sun

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  • Justice League (2017) release date: Nov 17, 2017
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  • Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) release date: Jun 05, 2020
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