Flashpoint Movie Being Directed By Spider-Man: Homecoming Writers

Ezra Miller as The Flash in Justice League

The Flashpoint movie finally has its directors. Warner Bros. Pictures originally planned on releasing an adaptation based on the Scarlet Speedster in early 2018, shortly after launching their unofficially titled DC Extended Universe with Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016 and introducing the speedster in Snyder's Justice League alongside the rest of the world's finest heroes. Unfortunately, the project started to fall by the wayside when original movie director Seth Grahame-Smith exited the film, and it has been stuck in development ever since.

Dope's Rick Famuyiwa boarded the project shortly after Grahame-Smith's departure, but even he eventually split with the studio over creative differences. And now, the film has been without a director for over a year, which led many fans to believe that the project wasn't going to happen at all, despite it being on the studio's official DCEU slate. Warner Bros. was reportedly courting multiple top-tier directors such as Sam Raimi (Spider-Man, Evil Dead), Matthew Vaughn (Kingsman, Kick-Assand Robert Zemeckis (Forrest Gump, Back to the Future) - the studio even tried getting Ben Affleck to direct the film at one point - but they all ended up passing. However, it seems the studio has found a worthy directing team after all.

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Variety reports that Warner Bros. has hired Spider-Man: Homecoming writers Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley to direct The Flash solo movie, titled Flashpoint, based on a script from King Arthur's Joby Harold, and with Ezra Miller reprising his role as Barry Allen, aka the Flash.

Although an official announcement regarding Flashpoint's director took quite some time and concerned many fans, Variety says that the studio took long in finding a replacement for Famuyiwa because Miller was already busy filming for David Yates' Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (another WB production), so they had no reason to rush.

The Flash solo movie is being based on the 2011 Flashpoint comic book series, written by none other than DC Comics chief creative officer and DC Films co-head Geoff Johns. For those that don't know, Flashpoint follows Barry Allen as he travels back in time and prevents the Reverse-Flash (his arch-nemesis) from murdering his mother. In doing so, Barry launches the DC Universe into an alternate reality known as Flashpoint; a reality in which Superman is captured by the government and Atlantis and Themyscira are preoccupied fighting an apocalyptic war with one another. The most jarring difference, though, is Bruce Wayne being murdered instead of his parents, thus leaving his father, Thomas Wayne, to become Batman.

Flashpoint is reportedly slated to release in 2020, and Warners hiring Goldestein and Francis Daley at this stage only further confirms that report. At the moment, it's unclear who will appear in the movie aside from Miller himself, but reports have indicated that Gal Gadot will reprise her role as Wonder Woman along with Ben Affleck making his final appearance as Batman. And there's hope that Jeffrey Dean Morgan will reprise his role as Thomas Wayne in the film and portray the Flashpoint Batman in live-action - but we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

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Source: Variety

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