DCEU Characters Who Share Your MBTI® Type

Superheroes aren't all one-dimensional... but they're still easy to type using the Myers-Briggs® Personality categories.

DCEU Characters Who Share Your MBTI Type

While not as successful as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the DC Extended Universe has started to pick up steam. Thanks to the overwhelming success of Wonder Woman and the great box office triumph of Aquaman, it seems the DCEU has finally found its footing. While Batman and Superman are the characters that built DC Comics, it seems the movie world is starting to pass them by.

The characters of the DC Universe have always been seen as gods, but the more recent success stories have varied that description greatly. One of the best ways to understand a character's archetype is through Myers-Briggs® personality traits. Here is a look at the DCEU characters that fit your specific MBTI® Type.

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DCEU Characters Who Share Your MBTI Type

Superman has always been referred to as the Big Blue Boy Scout, and that is because he was always the perfect example of all that is good in the world. The DCEU movies tried to change that, especially with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, but fans rebelled and Justice League smartly reverted Superman to the good, pure man that he was meant to be.

Superman is a Protagonist in the MBTI® Type descriptions, which comes as no surprise. He is all about the community and helping others. He also cares a great deal about people in general and lives to be a hero to those who can't help themselves. Of course, as Clark Kent, he is a journalist and has the deadline goals that a "J" type maintains.


DCEU Characters Who Share Your MBTI Type

Batman is almost the opposite of Superman in every area in the MBTI® Type descriptions, with the exception of one -- being goal oriented. Unlike Superman, who loves people, Batman prefers to work alone, walking in the shadows. While he has the Bat Family that grew around him, that was a byproduct of him helping others and not because he wanted a new family.

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When it comes to his principles, it is all about logic and rationality, as the world's greatest detective. He has a clear line of right and wrong and has a plan in place no matter what happens down the line -- friend or foe -- if someone steps over that line.


DCEU Characters Who Share Your MBTI Type

Flash is an interesting character. His MBTI® Type descriptions are much clearer on television when it comes to his show on The CW. In Flash, Barry was a forensic scientist before he ever gained his powers in the lightning strike. As a forensic scientist, he has the logic needed for the job.

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However, things are different in the DCEU. There, Barry had his powers before he got his job with the police. He is very emotional, which flips his T/F characterization in the movies. The funny thing about Flash is that his power is super speed, but he is always late for everything, which puts him squarely in the "P" arena on the charts.


DCEU Characters Who Share Your MBTI Type

Cyborg is another character that was changed dramatically in the DCEU. In the past, specifically on old Teen Titans cartoons, Cyborg was a social butterfly and someone who loved to be the center of attention. However, that all changed in the DCEU where the accident that made him Cyborg turned him into a loner, someone who preferred to be alone.

As a man who has the mind of a computer, he has no choice but to look at things scientifically and has little time for fantasy or imagination. At the same time, he cares deeply about protecting those he loves, so despite his less human characteristics, his morality is still pure and good.


DCEU Characters Who Share Your MBTI Type

While Superman was always good and noble in the comics and Wonder Woman sometimes came across as more of a brutal warrior at times, the DCEU clearly painted Wonder Woman as the greatest hero of them all -- at least morally. Her entire purpose in life is to protect those in need and the entire reason she left her home was to stop wars and bring peace to the world.

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The one big difference between Wonder Woman and Superman is that, while he is a man of the people, Diana is a little more introverted personally. Batman, of all people, had to convince Wonder Woman to come out into the world. An Advocate is someone whose goal in life is to help others and solve problems so people won't need to be rescued at all.


DCEU Characters Who Share Your MBTI Type

Harley Quinn is not completely sane, obviously. She went from being an obsessed follower of Joker to a reluctant member of The Suicide Squad to being a reluctant hero, in general. While she is an antihero now, her base MBTI® Type description still shares more in common with Joker than it does with heroes on this list.

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The interesting thing about a Debator is that they will tirelessly argue for something they do not believe in just to play the devil's advocate in order bring the truth to the surface, while the juxtaposition is that they are uncompromisingly honest. It sounds confusing -- and that describes Harley Quinn perfectly.


DCEU Characters Who Share Your MBTI Type

With his arrogance and thrill for adventure, Aquaman seems like the perfect person to hold the persona of an extrovert, but he is the polar opposite. He prefers nothing more than to sit in a bar alone or with his dad and drink a cold beer. When too many people show up and start to crowd in, he would rather leave and swim alone in the seas.

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However, at the same time, he does everything in his power to help and protect those he loves and proved in Aquaman that he would die to protect his people -- even if they never did anything to show him the same love and respect.


Shazam is an interesting case in the DCEU. He is a superhero with the powers of the gods but is a young child on the inside. As a kid, Billy Batson is a free spirit. However, unlike many extroverts, such as the Explorers, he is very family oriented with a truly protective stance on his foster family, which comic book fans know as the Marvel Family.

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With a child's mind, Shazam is also very creative and is searching for the freedom to express himself in a world of godlike heroes. He is also quick to lose his patience if he ends up trapped in a boring situation. With that said, he is also someone who can switch from free-spirited to single-minded if someone he loves needs help.


DCEU Characters Who Share Your MBTI Type

Mera is a true soldier and someone who fights for what she believes in at all time. Even when Aquaman just wanted to be left alone, Mera was going to stand up and fight against all odds to save Atlantis and make sure her people got the leader they deserved. She is introverted but has enough social skills to make her argument known.

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She is judgmental, sometimes to a fault, but is also smart enough to know when she is wrong and is willing to adapt to the situation to solve any problem. She also has fantastic analytical skills who will protect those she loves at all costs.


DCEU Characters Who Share Your MBTI Type

Deadshot is, at heart, a villain. However, as Suicide Squad shows, he is also a villain who has a heart and someone who wants to be a better person, if only society would allow it. Before Suicide Squad, Deadshot was a hired assassin and his MBTI® Type description is of someone who has a plan and will stick to it to the deadly end.

He is an introvert, with his daughter the only person he truly cares about. He has to rely on his five senses and has no time for fantasy, as it takes an analytical mind to succeed in his missions. He uses complete logic to succeed and has a strict propensity to follow his plans to the letter, with no margin for error. He is Batman but as a killer.

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