DCEU: 5 Best Friendships (& 5 Worst)

Many superheroes in the DCEU would consider each other friends, but other characters really don't get along.

The DCEU has brought us most of our favorite heroes to the big screen, either helping save the world from total destruction or battling it out amongst themselves. Although they seem to work well together, that's not always the case. Like us regular folks, heroes in comics don't always agree with each other, and sometimes their differences are just too much to put aside.

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Whether it be morals, sense of justice, or simply different interests, our favorite heroes aren't always as stoic and friendly with each other. Here are five of the best friendships and five of the worst friendships in the DCEU.

10 Best: Batman & Flash

The Scarlet Speedster and the bat of Gotham, who would've thought? In the comics, The Flash and Batman are actually somewhat close (as close as Batman allows) due to their shared interest in the science and investigating that goes with solving a case. As a CSI, Barry is very proficient in forensics and finding clues no one else would look for, very similar to Batman.

In Justice League, Batman actively seeks Barry Allen and recruits him as one of the first members of the Justice League, thoroughly impressed by Barry's abilities and skills. He serves as a mentor to Barry, and they hit it off right away.

9 Worst: Batman & Superman

The rivalry that started it all. Although these two have somewhat repaired their relationship in the best interest of the world, Superman and Batman weren't always holding punches against each other. With the Dark Knight's questionable tactics and Superman's view on justice, they are bound to step on each other's toes and go face to face in one way or another.

They have always been frenemies, and the film Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice highlights their relationship as they fight it out to prove who the real hero is. Although it basically ends in a stalemate, we might see more of these two going head to head in future Justice League movies.

8  Best: Superman & Shazam

The movie Shazam is full of small easter eggs and references to our different heroes, but the one that stands out the most is in the final seconds of the movie. Superman, out of the kindness of his heart, decides to make a kid's day at the request of his Superfriend Shazam.

In the comics, these two share very similar abilities and have even been compared to each other on several occasions. Whether it's teaming up to fight Black Adam or combining their strength to save the universe, these two have a lot of respect for each other, and seeing their relationship unfold in future films can be really interesting to see.

7 Worst: Batman & Deadshot

Will Smith Deadshot Ben Affleck Batman Movie

As we can see, Batman doesn't play well with others. Although Deadshot is technically a villain, he has been painted as more of an antihero in the most recent comics and in Suicide Squad movie. Unfortunately for Floyd Lawton, Batman doesn't forgive and forget, so he will always see Deadshot as a criminal and will always be a thorn on his side.

With new Suicide Squad movies coming out in the near future and a new Batman coming to the big screen, we might see a different relationship between the two, although it's highly unlikely we won't see them at each other's throats.

6 Best: Superman & Wonder Woman

A match made in heaven. Although Superman and Lois Lane are the textbook couple in the DC universe, the Amazon Princess and the Man of Steel share very similar powers and are among the most powerful characters in DC. Talk about a power couple.

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Although Wonder Woman and Superman don't see each other as more than superfriends in the movie, they still have a lot of respect for each other and their abilities. Wonder Woman even mourns the death of Superman and works tirelessly with Batman to bring Superman back to life.

5 Worst: Aquaman & Flash

Aquaman and Flash in Justice League

The Flash is arguably the most lovable of the heroes in the Justice League as he provides the comic relief in another wise gloom and action-packed movie. So how does anyone have a problem with the fastest man alive? Well, we'd have to ask Aquaman who spends a lot of time in the movie talking down to the Scarlet Speedster and not really taking his abilities seriously.

Perhaps its because Barry Allen is the youngest among the group and the most inexperienced that leads him to be the butt of many of Aquaman's jokes. As two of the most popular Justice League heroes, we hope they can put their difference aside and work together in upcoming films.

4 Best: Deadshot & Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad Comedy Funny Harley Deadshot

Floyd Lawton is a man of few words and a definite man of action. Harley Quinn is unpredictable and will talk your ear off if you let her. Both are almost complete opposites with very little in common, besides their mutual hatred for Batman.

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In Suicide Squad, they seem to have a little bit of a spark and what can be seen as playful banter as they work together under the control of Amanda Waller. In the comics, Deadshot is part of a love triangle between the Joker and Harley and with Birds of Prey making it clear Joker and Harley are no longer a couple, we might get to see a relationship between Deadshot and Harley unfold.

3 Worst: Flash & Superman

Superman and the Flash

This one is debatable. Although Superman normally has no problems with anyone other than Batman, we saw The Flash and Superman build up a little bit of a rivalry with whos faster. The Flash is amazed by Superman's power, and the man of steel, like Aquaman, pokes a little fun at Flash's expense.

It looks like poor Barry can't catch a break. With Superman and the Flash not really having a close relationship in the comics, the two might never be as close as others in the Justice League. One can only hope two of DC's most popular heroes find a way to work together more closely.

2  Best: Batman  & Wonder Woman

One can't deny the tension these two had throughout the Justice League movie. Similar to Superman, Diana has a lot of respect for Batman and his abilities and works closely with Bruce on recruiting Supers for the Justice League. She talks Bruce down from being irrational and stays loyal to him as they fight Steppenwolf and save the world from Darkseid.

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Wonder Woman acts as the voice of reason for Batman and she keeps the group together through the toughest times in the movie. She respects Batman as a leader and even saves him from sacrificing himself.

1 Worst: Shazam & Batman

Batman Shazam movie

Although we haven't seen these two pair up, it's safe to assume Batman would have little patience for Shazam's tactics and childlike behavior. If they were together, we would expect a lot of awkward silences and blank Batman stares that leave Shazam nervously laughing, looking around the room for anyone to ease the tension.

The two are very different heroes and go about their heroics in very different ways, with Shazam using his pure strength and not really having a tactic, and Batman using his skills and anticipating moves. Similar to Superman, Batman would have little patience for Shazam's sense of justice and could very well collide with the ever comical Shazam.

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