Fan Trailer Imagines What The DCEU Would Have Looked Like In the ‘90s

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A new retro fan trailer has reimagined if the DC Extended Universe had been made in the 1990's, with different and interesting casting choices for the superheroes to adjust to the popular actors of the time.

Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman are all a part of the very 21st-century wave of superhero shared universes, but these characters have been around for nearly eighty years and have been subject to countless adaptations across all mediums. What if we'd reached the Dawn of Justice a couple of decades earlier?

A new fan trailer by YouTube user ChiefBrodyRules answers that. The style and the old-fashioned look of the trailer mirrors a scan of retro VHS footage, with an extended four-minute look at this version of Batman v. Superman. The major difference comes in the recasting of the roles of the titular superheroes in the trailer, with John Cusack playing Clark Kent/Superman, Bruce Willis as Bruce Wayne/Batman, and Jennifer Connelly as Lois Lane. The plot of this faux-throwback mirrors the story of the main DCEU films so far, with Superman arriving on Earth and quarreling with Batman until they are forced to team up against a greater threat. You check out the full trailer above.

There are a few things that stay the same from the original films or at least are familiar to the previous onscreen versions of these characters. Kevin Costner, who played Jonathan Kent in Man of Steelis cast in the same role here as well, as is Laurence Fishburne as Daily Planet editor Perry White. Gene Hackman would reprise his role as the original version of Superman archnemesis Lex Luthor, replacing Jesse Eisenberg (who would be a child at the time of this video). There also seems to be the implication that Denzel Washington would be cast as Batman's longtime ally Commissioner Gordon.

The trailer repurposes footage from a bunch of different films both older and newer. A lot of the footage comes from Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, but older films featuring both characters like Superman Returns and Batman are used as well. Costner's Field of Dreams is prominent throughout a lot of it, as is 2003's Runaway Jury and The Incredible Hulk. Apart from some wonky transitions and a few understandably awkward edits, this is a cool experiment of a trailer that wonders what it would be like if this superhero craze had started two decades earlier, and the casting choices are inspired and fit the timeline and characters well.

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Source: ChiefBrodyRules

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