WB Bringing DC Films to WonderCon; Justice League Trailer to Debut?


After announcing an initial slate in 2014, Warner Bros. has shuffled the DCEU schedule as their vision changed. So far, Man of SteelBatman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Suicide Squad have hit theaters, but have not had the best critical reception, despite significant box office runs. This year could help change the perception of the universe with Wonder Woman and Justice League coming to theaters.

Both of these films have experienced generally positive buzz so far, with the marketing for Justice League only beginning as Wonder Woman's is coming to a close. The latter will be out before San Diego Comic-Con 2017, leaving only Justice League ready to deliver on footage for those in attendance. However, with fans wanting more, it could be WonderCon that brings about new footage - or even announcements.

The official Comic-Con website has confirmed that during Warner Bros' panel on April 1st, DC will be making an appearance. The description for the panel states that "sneak peeks" at films from WB, New Line, and DC will be shown, which could indicate a new trailer dropping for Justice League. With unannounced "special guests" also scheduled to appear, it's possible Zack Snyder will bring a new trailer.

If DC Films is going to have a presence at WonderCon, bringing a trailer for Justice League is the most logical conclusion to come to. It is hard to believe but it's been eight months since the first Justice League trailer arrived. While some would say it is more a teaser than a true trailer given its style and little story, WB saw a need to release the lighter and brighter trailer to bring fans back on board following BvS. With over half a year still between fans and Justice League, a true trailer coming out the first weekend of April could be the start of the marketing campaign.


After all, it was just one month ago that Snyder said the next trailer is coming "soon," so this being the potential debut makes a lot of sense. That said, even if Justice League does get a trailer, that may not be the only thing shown at WonderCon. A new clip from Wonder Woman, possibly even the opening few minutes, could be shown as well, but a new trailer is not expected after one dropping last week. It is also possible that WB could bring some concept footage or art with them as well. Luckily, with the con rapidly approaching, confirmation on what DC will bring to the panel should happen soon.


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Source: Comic-Con

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